Overwatch 2’s first patch introduces major changes to the multiplayer beta

Future soldiers are ready for battle.

picture: Blizzard

Share Blizzard long list of Monitor 2 Correction notes Today it details the changes you’re making to a first person shooter for just over a week in the PvP closed beta.

In addition to squashing errors, such as malfunctions and level engineering that can be easily abused, Monitor 2The first beta patch introduces a “variety of buffs and buffs” for its different heroes.

For example, “Jack-of-all-trades Soldier: 76” appears to be “over-tuned” and “very mobile,” at least according to the developers. His movement speed while using his Sprint ability is reduced by 10% to compensate.

On the other hand, the lovable, squishy Roadhog was a “poor performer” and would often die while using his end. As such, the Whole Hog is changed from a “directed” ending (like Cassidy’s Deadeye) to a final “turned” (like Winston’s Primal Rage).

Blizzard believes this will make playing Roadhog “more exciting, efficient and fun” while giving him the ultimate in flexibility.

Monitor 2 players Reply to update He seems to particularly enjoy Zenyatta’s improved Snap Kick, which now deals 50% more damage and takes enemies away from the micro-support character.

“We understand that 5v5 has made support heroes feel more vulnerable, and we wanted to give Zenyatta tools to help create space between him and enemies,” the patch notes read.

As for the support characters as a whole, Blizzard also detailed how they plan to deal with them community interests About the general weakness of the role and lack of variety compared to tanks and damage dealers.

“In the long term, we believe the most effective way to address this issue is to add exciting new support heroes to the game, and that is part of our plans,” Blizzard Blog Explained earlier this week. “In the near term, our hero design team is also experimenting with ideas with a large, but shorter lead time, including new and updated abilities for some of our existing support heroes.”

However, the blog adds that any major changes that may come to support champions may miss the current beta testing.

Monitor 2The closed beta is ongoing and is scheduled to run until May 17th.

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