Pele’s son and daughter share gifs with their dad while they spend Christmas by his side in the hospital

São Paulo, Brazil

Son and daughter of a Brazilian football legend pellet They took to Instagram to post animated greetings and photos of their dad spending Christmas by his side at the Albert Einstein-Jewish Hospital in São Paulo.

“We are still here, in struggle and faith. Another night together,” Kelly Nascimento wrote on Friday.

Her words were accompanied by a picture showing her embracing her father as he lay on a hospital bed. Pele’s granddaughter Sofia can also be seen in the photo.

She also shared a photo posed with her brother, Brazilian footballer and coach Edinho, who arrived at the hospital on Christmas Eve. Posting on his Instagram account, Edinho held his father’s hand and wrote: “Dad…my strength is yours.”

Nascimento announced earlier in the week that the family will spend Christmas in hospital alongside Pele.

Pele, 82, was admitted on November 29 with a respiratory infection and “re-evaluation of chemotherapy for colon cancer scheduled for September 2021,” according to the hospital’s statement.

Updates from the hospital earlier this week He said that Pele’s health had worsened and that he would now require more care due to his developing cancer.

The hospital has not issued any updates on Pele’s condition since then.

Nascimento has previously thanked well-wishers for their greetings and supportive messages.

“Christmas at home has been put on hold,” Nascimento wrote in a post on Wednesday. “We decided with the doctors that, for various reasons, it would be best for us to stay (in the hospital), with all the care this new family is giving us… Einstein offers us!!” Nascimento added.

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After Pele was hospitalized in November, Nascimento explained that the former footballer had Covid-19, despite being vaccinated with “all doses”, and because chemotherapy made him more fragile, he developed a lung infection.

Born Edson Arantes do Nascimento and widely considered one of the greatest soccer players in history, Pele played in four World Cups, winning three – in 1958, 1962 and 1970 – as well as scoring 12 goals in 14 matches.

He also scored 1281 goals in his professional career in 1363 games.

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