Photo Ukrainian soldiers captured one of the “dinosaurs” of the Russian army

A photo shared by Ukrainian soldiers shows them capturing one of the Russian army’s “dinosaurs,” a T-62 tank, most likely during the attack on Kharkiv.

Ukrainian soldiers at the forefront of the struggle against the Russian invasionPhoto: Twitter / Security of Ukraine

The administrators of Ukraine Weapons Tracker, a page that monitors the fighting in Ukraine, re-shared the image with the sarcasm: “The last line has fallen.”

The tank appears to be in decent condition for its age (it entered service with the Soviet Army in 1961) and the fact that it has seen combat. Ukrainian soldiers appear to have “named” the combat vehicle’s turret, suggesting it may be in good enough condition to be used against invading forces.

Countless photos And Video recordings Vehicles, equipment and ammunition shared on social networks in recent days have been dropped by Russian forces Chaotic retreats Kharkiv, the British Ministry of Defense noted in a recent assessment of the war in Ukraine that they are essential to the style of warfare the Russian military is trying to conduct.

“Such desertions highlight the disorderly disengagement of some Russian units and local command and control deficiencies,” explained an analysis by military officials in London.

What is known about the T-62 tanks that were thrown into battle by the Russian army?

At the end of May, they appeared on social networks First video recordings As the T-62 tanks were pulled out of storage and sent to the Russian armed forces in Ukraine, military analysts noted that they were completely obsolete based on weapons development over the past six decades.

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Although the last T-62 tanks received by Russia from the Soviet Union a few years ago were believed to have been scrapped, images of them have surprisingly resurfaced during the conflict in Syria, where Vladimir Putin has sent Russian troops to support dictator Bashar al-Assad. Assad.

Around 600 tanks are believed to have been sent to Ukraine by Moscow after the “special military operation” was launched. On February 24Most of them were on the southern front, to strengthen defenses in the Kherson region.

Video footage later shared by Ukrainian soldiers on social media showed the use of abandoned T-62 tanks by the Russian army. To complete the target They are commercial drones armed with small munitions.

In mid-July, a remarkable video was also shared by Russian tankers, filming themselves inside a T-62. The tank opened fire and shouted, “Allahu Akbar!”.

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