Photograph. Ukrainian soldiers’ new catch: a modern command vehicle designed for Russian multiple rocket launchers

Several photos shared by the Ukrainian military on social media show the latest capture of Kiev’s armed forces: a state-of-the-art command vehicle designed for use by Russian multiple rocket launchers.

Russian command vehicle capturedPhoto: Twitter – Ukraine Arms Watch

As the administrators of the Ukraine Weapons Tracker page explain, it’s a 1V1003 command and observation vehicle from a “very modern” artillery fire control system. The system is primarily designed for use by Russian multiple rocket launchers Tornado-G.

May, waiting Victory Day Celebration In World War II, Russian television stations competed Fiery reports Russian weapons are brought out of storage for military parades and parades, including this rocket launcher that must-see Russians gathered in Red Square in Moscow.

Tornado-G launchers entered service with the Russian Armed Forces in 2011, designed to replace the well-known BM-21 grade Soviet production. Although the exact number is unknown, Russia is believed to have produced more than 173 such missiles for its armed forces.

The Ukrainians also captured a very modern Russian tank

Images of the captured command vehicle began circulating on social media, a day after other photos and videos showed what they were able to capture. A T-90M tank, very modern From the donation of the Russian army.

Military command in Moscow pushed into battle These tanks entered the service of its army in 2016, only at the beginning of May, after it became clear that the Russian Armed Forces could not fulfill them. Targets drawn Before Spread of war At the end of February.

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A video recording As shared on social media by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense on May 10, the Ukrainian army managed to destroy the T-90M tank, considered the “pride” of the Russian arms industry, just days after it came to the fore.

Although this is where the Ukrainians captured the 1V1003 command vehicle or T-90M tank, as they showed, it could have happened in the Kharkiv region in the northeast of the country. Many people The photos are then shared on social media Chaotic retreat Russian troops.

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