Pink Floyd releases ‘Hey Hey Rise Up’ in support of Ukraine

It’s the first New music from the band The statement added that the proceeds will go to Ukrainian humanitarian relief since 1994.

The song was performed by guitarist David Gilmore and drummer Nick Mason, with bassists Jay Pratt and Nitin Sawhney on keyboard, according to the statement.

The song features the voice of Andrei Khlevniuk from the Ukrainian band Boombox. The band used voice to sing Khlevniuk in the center of Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, where he performed “a sensational Ukrainian protest song written during World War I that has been taken up around the world for the past month in protest of” Russian invasion.

Gilmore, who has a Ukrainian son-in-law and grandchildren, said in the statement that he was moved by Khlevniuk’s performance “in a square in Kyiv with this beautiful golden-domed church and…in the silence of a city without traffic or background noise due to war.”

“It was a powerful moment that made me want to play it on music,” he said.

Pink Floyd said the Ukrainian singer, who left his band to join the army, is in hospital after being hit by shrapnel.

“We, like many, are outraged and frustrated by this despicable act of invading a peaceful and independent democratic country and killing its people at the hands of one of the great powers of the world,” Gemour said.

“We want to express our support for Ukraine and in this way, we show that most of the world thinks it is absolutely wrong for a superpower to invade the independent democratic state that Ukraine has become.”

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The band said the artwork for the single featured a painting of the sunflower, Ukraine’s national flower, “a direct reference” to an elderly woman who was seen offering sunflower seeds to Russian soldiers.

“Hey Hey Rise Up” is the band’s first original music in 28 years. In 2014, the group released the album “The Endless River” which was Mainly ambient and useful Music inspired by the 1994 sessions created during “The Division Bell”.

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