Prigozhin received the first “beat” from Putin after the failed uprising of the Wagner mercenaries.

Yevgeny Prigozhin received harsh messages from the authorities in Russia, as a result of the failure he had instigated in Russia, along with his mercenaries from the Wagner group.

The press group controlled by Evgheni Prigojin will be closed, the director of the foundation’s online publication said, highlighting the plight of the mercenary leader, a week after a brief uprising organized by his fighters from the Wagner Group failed, reports Reuters.

In a deal that ended the uprising, Prigozhin, a former ally of President Vladimir Putin, was allowed into exile in Belarus and given a choice between joining his men, being integrated into Russia’s forces or returning home.

Patriot Media, with RIA FAN as its main news platform, adopted a strong nationalist and pro-Kremlin editorial, while providing positive coverage for Prigozhin and his Wagner group.

End without reason

“I announce our decision to close and leave the country’s information space,” RIA FAN director Evgheni Zubarev said in a video clip posted on the holding’s social media accounts late Saturday.

Zhubarev gave no reason for this decision.

Russian daily Kommersant reported on Friday that Roskomnadzor, the country’s communications watchdog, had blocked Prigozhin’s publications, without giving details. According to Reuters, the watchdog could not be reached for comment on Sunday.

Also, the Russian press reports that the “troll factory” that Prigozhin allegedly used to influence public opinion abroad, including the United States, has been dismantled.

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