Prince Harry renews Frogmore Cottage lease in bid to remain Vice Queen | Royal | News

Despite residing in California, the Duke of Sussex is eligible to continue serving as state counselor to his grandmother as he is eligible to be a resident of the Windsor address. For the telegraph, Prince Harry37, is still a British citizen and eligible to serve his grandmother as one of her four state advisors because he qualifies as a British resident thanks to his old Windsor address.

Reportedly, the cottage lease expires on March 31.

A source with extensive knowledge of legal issues told The Telegraph that advisers should only be “resident” in the UK, with two historical examples of individuals who lived abroad while remaining in that position – one against his will as a prisoner of war and working in another world.

The Sussex family have paid £2.4m of renovations to the Windsor House, including rent until March 2022.

Details of Harry’s living arrangements in the United Kingdom became a constitutional matter due to his role as one of the Queen’s four state advisers.

According to the report, so far, that decision has been seen as a matter for the Sussex family, with the Duke insisting this week that he still considers the UK “home” but feels unsafe visiting him due to unresolved security arrangements.

Through lawyers, he has confirmed his desire to return to Britain to see his family and friends, as well as his old charitable care, but has so far only returned on a few occasions since moving his family to the USA.

A spokesman for the Duke told the newspaper: “There are no changes planned to the current arrangement.”

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Princess Eugenie, Jack Brooksbank and their son, Augustus, reportedly lived there while her cousin was in California.

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With the next big four in line for the throne, the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Cambridge, the Duke of Sussex and the Duke of York can perform some of the Queen’s duties at her request if she becomes temporarily ill.

While the role has been unknown to the public for decades, it is now at the center of major concerns about what should happen if the Queen is unable to perform her duties for a short period of time through illness or injury.

Earlier this year, the Duke of Cambridge was abroad while the Prince of Wales was in isolation with Covid, leaving both out of competition.

According to Buckingham Palace, state chancellors must be over the age of 21 to act on behalf of the Queen and can only be changed through legislation.

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The decision on any changes is up to Parliament.

According to reports, Prince Harry wants to return to the UK to give a thank-you service to his grandfather Philip which will take place in Westminster Abbey on March 29.

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