PS5 Pro will launch in November 2024

William D’Angelo
Posted 12 hours ago / 1 278 views September 4, 2018

Sony Interactive Entertainment is developing the PlayStation 5 Pro with a reported release window of November 2024, according to Tom Henderson in an article published on gaming key.

The exact specifications of the PS5 Pro are not known, however, sources say they will be 30 WGP and 18000mts memory. Sony is targeting the PS5 Pro to improve and more consistent frames per second in 4K, plus an 8K performance mode and fast ray tracing.

The PS5 Pro is said to have a Trinity codename, which is a reference to The Matrix Sony has used before. The PS4 Pro was codenamed Neo and the PlayStation VR was codenamed Morpheus.

Rumour: PS5 Pro launching in November 2024

Trinity has been in development since early 2022, according to Henderson who spoke with multiple sources. PS5 Pro beta events are already underway and the majority of studios will receive dev kits in late November 2023.

This should be treated as a rumor until an official announcement is made. Henderson leaked the PlayStation right the The Project Q handheld before it was officially unveiled, as well as the DualSense Edge Controller and the PlayStation Inzone line of products.

Henderson reports that a new PS5 with detachable disc drive will be released in September. The new PS5 will replace the current iterations and will have nearly identical hardware to the current consoles on the market.

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