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News from elsewhere: BBC reported that Neymar will miss Brazil’s next two matches due to a ligament injury in his right ankle.

qualitative From the email correspondence: “Hi Tom, I hope you enjoyed the apple tart, I made an apple tart at half time. Disappointed for Wales too.” This is a pretty smart move, since all of your first half injury time cuts into your baking time. But the cake was lush, thanks

This second half was very beneficial. Senegal were clearly superior, and had enough strength, and ability off the bench, to get the job done. And the Qatar They raised their game, created a series of chances and scored a good goal. Afif and Mohamed in particular had good matches, while Sabale, Dideo and Diata were some of the Senegal players who impressed.

Full time: Qatar 1-3 Senegal

Senegal records the first African victory in these finals, Qatar They head abroad unless Ecuador defeats the Netherlands

90 + 5 minutes: Dieng wins a corner for Senegal, Guy juggles the flag and wins another, but does not have time to take it. That’s it.

90 + 4 minutes: Al-Moez Ali, who did not live up to expectations, is doing well here by turning and running well before shooting.

90 + 3 minutes: Ndiaye makes an impact again with a cross from the right that Barham must punch clear under pressure. The stadium was quickly emptied, although it was still maintained by Senegal fans.

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90 minutes: Qatar They enter wide sites and make good crosses now that another one is found looking with a veiled head.

We will have six extra minutes, which is modest by the standards of this tournament.

87 minutes: Babe Cis receives a yellow card for taking him out from Mohamed after Qatar A player grabbed a loose ball inside the Senegal half. Hassan has a good free kick, as he hit a powerful shot with his left foot next to Mendy’s left post. Qatar started playing too late.

85 minutes: Qatar He assisted two more goals just before the goal – a promise for Ahmed and Salman for Miguel

That was simple and worked well A clever reaction on the right led to a fine low cross from Elimane Ndiaye to Ding inside the penalty area, who turned and cut it hard past Parcham

Goal! Qatar 1-3 Senegal (Ding 83)

He must stamp it.

It must be.
It must be. Photo: Kieran McManus/Shutterstock

79 minutes: Senegal win a corner right from the start, low and open from another corner kick. who comes now.

Just before the goal, Senegal made two more goals – Mendy and Jacobs, Pape Sarr and Pape Cisse.

That was a great goal. First ever Qatari player in the finals – a curled ball found Mohamed on the right and he headed the precise cross down and powerfully to Mendy’s right and into the corner.

Goal! Qatar 1-2 Senegal (Montari 77)

Wait a second, the game started?

Mohamed Muntari scores the first final goal for Qatar.
Mohamed Muntari scores the first final goal for Qatar. Photo: Claudio Villa/Getty Images

76 minutes: Shades of Gordon Banks vs. Pele in Mindy’s Last Save? Hyperventilating William Hargreaves. Let’s go back to this MBM after 52 years and see what?

74 minutes: Qatar He won another layup after another effective cross, but it was destined for a home run.

Two other players from Senegal are Bamba Dieng and Elimane Ndiaye of Sheffield United for Sarr and Didhieu. One player in the tournament for another.

Qatar makes a change too – wide man Muntari for Al Hidos, who hands the armband to Hassan.

70 minutes: The newly revitalized Mohamed cuts inside on the right, tries to play give-and-go with Al Hidos on the edge of the area but gets it completely wrong and Mohamed has to swing after a pass of his own, which he doesn’t quite reach.

69 minutes: the busy Sabaly slides a ball at Mendy on the right edge of the area but his corner shot is too small and wide.

67 minutes: great opportunity to Qatar. An accurate cross from the left finds Mohamed six yards out, whose effort is diverted back to get a corner. You wait every tournament for a shot on goal and then two come at once. This is Qatar’s best mascot in the tournament

“Full support for Catarr. Despite his two-goal cough, Catarr seems to have been quite snotty,” Ben Bamford yells in a “My wife went to the West Indies” style.

My dog ​​does not have a nose etc.
My dog ​​does not have a nose etc. Photo: Amr Abdullah Dalsh/Reuters

64 minutes: Senegal substitution: Ciss instead of Diatta

64 minutes: One corner becomes two, and from the second, Miguel deftly turns inside the area, but then deflects his shot terrifyingly high and wide. But it’s a free kick for Senegal anyway.

63 minutes: T.Hello I have a shot on goal! Afif and Ali combine cleverly on the edge of the area, the latter’s powerful low drive deftly tipped over by Mandy.

61 minutes: Chance for Qatar! Hassan looks up and has a crack of wide on the left, 25 yards out, 2 or 3 inches wide. That shot may come on target.

59 minutes: A half chance for Senegal, where I found a low cross from Coulibaly from the right, Didio, who turned around and shot, but the effort was stopped.

57 minutes: chaste driving post Qatar His two sons Ahmed are in a good position on his right but he can’t take him. a waste.

54 minutes: Afif plays in Al-Haydos on the right side and commits a mistake by Didio (I think). The free kick inconvenienced some in a crowded area (Senegal managed all eleven) and another half chance shot from Hassan was blocked.

Photo: Xinhua/Shutterstock

52 minutes: Jacob Senegalese booked for a wayward and dangerous elbow on the left.

51 minutes: Qatar They almost make their first effort on goal when Hassan meets a free-kick from the left with a lightning header but he can’t get enough of it and drifts wide. It’s a free kick against them for a foul anyway.

A classic corner kick goal. He is shot in and Diedhiou advances to the near post, eludes his markers and volleys a superb header into the opposite top corner. Qatar They head towards the exit.

Goal! Qatar 0-2 Senegal (Didio 48)

And they score from the corner!

Famara Didio scored the second goal for Senegal.
Famara Didio scored the second goal for Senegal. Photo: Alex Grimm/Getty Images

47 minutes: There is certainly no full house for this and it is the Senegal fans who are making the most noise at this moment. Senegal win the first corner of the half when Sarr crossed from the right, but Hassan entered a good clean tackle to disappoint him.

peep! Senegal resumes proceedings… No changes have been made by either side.

The players are back…

The bib has helpfully reminded us that the weekend is in the FA Cup second round, and Kings Lynn’s surprise package against League Two Stevenage is looking good. Is anyone going to a local game anywhere in the world tomorrow?

Half time reading: Nice piece on Australian garang kul

Some email actions. Richard Hirst wrote: “Although as an England fan I wouldn’t want that to happen, I think you’re wrong about a USA win over England ending Wales’ chances. Arguably the most complicated, if unlikely, way for Wales to progress is for the States to win.” The United States beat England, Iran and Wales to beat England. In this way, the United States ends up with seven points, Wales four points and England and Iran three points. Simpletons!”

True, but if the USA wins tonight, England will have to field their strongest team against Wales; If England win, they won’t. Southgate oversaw a humiliating fiasco against Belgium four years ago – more than the same suited Wales.

“Non-European teams are doing very well in this World Cup,” says Bogdan Katarlik. “They have a lot of players playing in European clubs and it also seems to me that their association football is more serious than it used to be. What do you think about why it has improved in the last few years?”

I think the European club game is a factor, both in terms of having more non-European players and their education, but also a slight sense that European players are outsmarting the country while the international game is a bigger deal elsewhere. But these are just really random pub ideas.

Half time: Qatar 0-1 Senegal

Senegal play the remainder of the half with football in possession, and this brings an end to a dominant first half of the African champions. It wasn’t exciting and Qatar is about to exit the host faster than a world Cup. But they had only shot down one target and had a strange spell.

Well, I’ll go grab some apple cake and impress from Wells. Ben Fisher has described it more here. Back shortly.

45 + 6 minutes: A half chance as the ball is clipped forward to local hero Ali on the right of the area but Mendy comes out to claim.

45 + 5 minutes: Afif, Qatar’s best player so far, wins a corner kick on the left but he heads clear and Diallo cleverly wins Senegal with a throw on the left.

45 + 3 minutes: Diallo starts another attack with some elegant dribbling in his own half before training Sarr down the right but Barsham demands an inaccurate cross.

Al-Moez Ali and Senegalese Abdo Diallo compete for the ball.
Al-Moez Ali and Senegalese Abdo Diallo compete for the ball. Photo: Manan Vatsyayana/AFP/Getty Images

45 + 2 minutes: else Qatar Booked for Ahmed after a horribly late rush at Coulibaly.

45 minutes: We’ll have seven long minutes of injury time

44 minutes: Barsham hits a goal kick on the right, and Mohamed hurts himself in a confrontation with his teammate Pedro Miguel. Someone needed to shout about it. Qatar’s level dropped in the last ten minutes after a better start.

Peachy conned Clearing inside the zone, he slid and pounced on Deah in an instant, stealing a low drive under the guard. Senegal is far from reality.

Goal! Qatar 0-1 Senegal (Dia 41)

He was coming. Fatal mistake though

Very easy for Senegal.
Very easy for Senegal. Photo: Mohamed Masra/EPA
Dia scored for Senegal after some comical defence.
Dia scored for Senegal after some comical defence. Photo: Dan Mullan/Getty Images

38 minutes: Ahmed puts Al Haidoos down the left side with a nice sandy wedge from a pass but the captain can’t beat his man. But Barsham almost got himself in trouble when he stumbled with the ball on his feet outside the area, and Senegal bounced back. Rivet also looks tense. Perhaps Senegal should put him under more pressure.

36 minutes: A beautiful exchange between Sar and Didhu, the latter playing inside the area, but hesitating in a small part Qatar Clear. Senegal needs to start making this matter. Once again, this sophisticated no-manet affair upsets them.

34 minutes: Penalty kick for Qatar! Madibo is played neatly after giving up and going on the left side of the area and Sarr collects it. He avoided the VAR, and Senegal are very lucky there, although a home goal would have been in vain against the course of play.

32 minutes: Ahmed needs prolonged treatment after this mistake, but it is okay to continue.

“Senegal may still be too good for Qatar,” wrote Kari Tolinius, “but it is remarkable how much more alert and aggressive Qatar are, compared to the opener. If they had played like that then, it would have been at least a contest. Ecuador might end up making the most of a world Cup The host has been slumping under pressure since Germany in 2014.” What are people’s favorite host bottlenecks? The Italy-Argentina 90 was memorable. Spain v Northern Ireland 82? Although they still passed.

30 minutes: Barsham has a wobbly moment as he sprints towards a long ball for Sarr but the striker can’t make it count Qatar Clear. Dia is then booked in order to drop Ahmed in the middle of the road

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