Queen Elizabeth II admits that she “rarely moved.”

In her first public engagement after a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday, Prince Charles admitted on Wednesday that it was difficult to “move” after a positive test for Covit-19, news.ro reported. AFP.

Elizabeth II on Wednesday received Maj. Gen. Elton Miller, in charge of the Queen-Armed Forces, and her predecessor, Rear Admiral James McLeod, at the Sovereign’s main residence 40 miles from London.

In the video recording of the meeting, the queen appears to be standing, smiling, and receiving them as she wears a patterned dress and cane in hand.

“You can see, I can barely move,” she says, pointing to her left leg and arm.

Despite this difficulty, the appearance of the 95-year-old Sovereign, who spent a night in the hospital in the fall, sends a new reassuring signal about his health, for no particular reason. British monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 70th birthday on February 6, the longest unprecedented life of the British monarchy.

Four days of festivities are planned to celebrate the Platinum Festival.

After facing health issues in October, the Queen’s appearance began to decline, but the palace recently announced a resumption of public activities.

Ahead of a ceremony scheduled for March 29 in Westminster Abbey in memory of her husband Prince Philip, who died last year, the Queen is set to attend a diplomatic reception in Windsor on March 2 and a Commonwealth ceremony on March 14.

Photo: British Royal House

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