Radval: Microsoft canceled PS5 release after Bethesda acquisition, Arkane director says

Arkane had been developing a PlayStation 5 version of its first-person shooter game, Redfall, before Bethesda was acquired by Microsoft in 2020. However, after the acquisition, the PS5 version of the game was canceled by Microsoft, according to Arkane director Harvey Smith in a statement. meeting with IGN France (Translated by IGN).

Discuss this with IGN FranceSmith said, “Microsoft bought us and that was a big change. They said, ‘There’s no PlayStation 5. Now we’re going to do Game Pass, Xbox and PC. ‘” “

Smith said Arkane wouldn’t mind the decision, even if Redfall was originally meant to be released on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

“Support from Game Pass and worry about one less platform, one less complex,” said Smith. IGN France. “And Game Pass has a lot of people who can play. It could be our biggest game ever due to 30 million Game Passes [members] Or whatever that number is.”

The news of the canceled PS5 release of Redfall didn’t come as a huge surprise. When Redfall was revealed during the 2021 Xbox Showcase and Bethesda E3, it was revealed as an Xbox console exclusive. And given that it’s par for the course for companies like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo to keep first-party releases away from competing consoles, it’s also not surprising that Microsoft chose to make Redfall an Xbox exclusive after it acquired Bethesda.

Redfall hits Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC on May 2nd.

For more on the game, watch the latest Redfall story trailer which introduces some big bass for the vampires and then watch this gameplay trailer that invites you to a bloody night on the town.

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[Source: IGN France via IGN]

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