Reasons why Russia wants to get rid of the Wagner group, according to British intelligence

The Wagner group, led by businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, formerly known as “Putin’s chef,” has been waging a power struggle with Russia’s Defense Ministry, citing military strategy and a shortage of military supplies in the war in Ukraine. Add chainCited by Rader.

Evgeny Prigozhin, head of the Wagner mercenary groupPhoto: AP / AP / Profimedia

According to British intelligence, the Kremlin wants to encourage the creation of new private paramilitary companies to replace the Wagner group because of a power struggle between the mercenary company and the Russian Ministry of Defense.

According to Putin’s inner circle, the government has little control over the Wagner organization, which is playing a “significant” role in the war in Ukraine, and is trying to build several alternative military organizations to replace Wagner. Fighting in Ukraine, British intelligence agency says.

Despite their intentions, Britain points out that there is currently no private company dedicated to military action of the size or war-fighting capability of the Wagner group, and that Moscow prefers to bet on private mercenaries as a way to pay its soldiers. To overcome the ineffectiveness shown by lesser and regular army units in combat.

Also, the Kremlin believes that higher losses in the ranks of private companies dedicated to war will be better tolerated and perceived by Russian society, compared to higher losses in the official Russian military.

The Wagner Group, Russia’s most important mercenary group, is now a full-fledged army equivalent to the military forces of Hungary or Slovakia, Serhii Cerevatii, a spokesman for Ukraine’s Eastern Military Command, told Ukraine’s Channel 24. Independence of Kiev.

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In recent months, Wagner’s group, backed by the Russian regular army, has attempted to capture the town of Bahmut in the eastern Donetsk region.

General Mark Milley By the end of March, about 6,000 mercenaries of Wagner’s group were fighting in the city of Bahamut.

“They are now conducting combat operations, primarily in Bahmut,” Milley told the US House Armed Services Committee alongside US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

“It’s probably 6,000 mercenaries and they’re getting another 20,000 or 30,000 people, many of them coming from prisons.

“The Ukrainians are causing a lot of death and destruction to these people,” Milli said. On April 1, Russian forces shelled the city 232 times, killing 121 and wounding 139 Russian soldiers.

Since the Wagner group stopped recruiting prisoners from Russia in early February, regular Russian airborne troops and mechanized infantry have been stationed in the Bahmut sector, the army said.


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