Refugee shops barred from entering Ukraine

An action taken Czech Republic This causes great controversy.

Many shops have decided to ban the entry of Ukrainian refugees.

There, violence and theft are on the rise, and traders seem to be getting irritated as their protagonists are Ukrainian citizens.

Shop owners have marked “No” in the shop window for Ukrainian refugees.

The action taken by the sex, especially in Prague, has caused great controversy regarding general tolerance and discrimination, not just for specific individuals.

Political analyst Sharmisa Antronic commented directly on Antenna 3 on the ban.

“Of course we are talking about tolerance, but on the other hand, every people has its problems. For one thing, I understand that these people who showed these banned symptoms to the Ukrainians are not in favor of what is happening in Ukraine.

There are measures taken against aggression. That does not mean that the Czech people guarantee Russia’s actions in Ukraine, that is, it is better to make some changes.

(…) I also read (…). Now the ban has been extended, it’s okay, but in the end Czechs have the right to do whatever they want, especially since it’s private property, “said Sarmisa Andronic on Antenna 3.

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