Roman Kremlin soldiers. How they were implemented in the context of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine

Not a day goes by without lying on social media about Russia’s occupation of Ukraine. Since the illegal annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014 and until now, in the midst of the Russian military occupation of the neighboring state, the Kremlin and Eastern European countries have carried out a consistent and coordinated false propaganda that was directly controlled. Moscow Labs. , And it targets the Russian population, visitors to Russia’s neighbors, the European Union and many more, analysis shows.

Many local “soldiers” of the Kremlin joined the effort, mainly on social media channels. Their messages are aimed at blaming Ukraine for the Russian invasion and forcing the expulsion of Romanians.

The idea was widely promoted on social media, and is now widely used in the context of Putin’s revisionist incitement in Romania, Hungary and Poland to demand Ukrainian territory:

“Then, before and after the Great Patriotic War [Al Doilea Război Mondial – n.r.], Stalin annexed the Soviet Union and transferred to Ukraine many territories formerly owned by Poland, Romania and Hungary. In the process, he offered Poland some of the traditional German land as compensation, and in 1954, Khrushchev for some reason took Crimea from Russia and gave it to Ukraine. In fact, this is how the territory of modern Ukraine was created.

Union of Subcarpathian Ruthenians led by Mihai Laroc, a controversial person, especially one who was involved in a criminal case, was arrested in 2003 for 30 days on charges of falsifying documents under the quality of goods and personal signatures. Later, it came to the attention of the Romanian press as its contacts with the Kremlin became more and more apparent.
In fact, the “association” he formed uses the name (represented in parliament) of the Ruthenian Cultural Union in Romania to provoke and confuse the minority Ruthenians.

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On January 26, so-called “sub-Carpathian Ruthenians” released the anti-Western public message that Russia’s aggression against Ukraine was in fact a defensive reaction to NATO and EU aggression.

“In the event of war, Russia, which is actively playing its own survival card, is committed to nuclear retaliation against US bases, and large areas in Romania such as the Deveselu, Gokalnisianu, the Tursey Plain and the Cincinnati will become enormous.” Initiated by the union, it was inspired by the statement by Dmitri Kiseliov, a Rossia24 campaigner that Russia could turn the United States into “radioactive ash.” .

Nicoser Moises, Managing Director of the World Council of Romanians and President of the “Our Dacia” Association He was recently cited for his insistence on several social networking sites (especially Facebook and WhatsApp) in an article inciting Romanians against Ukraine, insisting that the neighboring state was ineligible for Bucharest’s support because he would have been one. Throughout history he has been a “true friend” and he has not defended the Roman minority in its territory. The campaign titles launched by Moses, especially when the Russian Federation legalized the annexation of Crimea in 2014, reached paroxysmal levels. The same Nicusor Moses told PressHub that Romania had been looted by the West and, in this sense, wanted Russia.

Diana Ivanovici-Șosoacă, former Member of Parliament for the Union of Romanians (AUR) He rhetorically asked Dicto why Romania should support Ukraine: “Why should my Romans fight? Why should our people fight for the war we deserve? Ukraine is not a member of the European Union! Ukraine is not a NATO member! And Romania should reclaim territory “stolen” by Ukraine and only Romanians on the Romanian border: “Let the Romanians pass through Ukraine again! I’m not interested in the rest! This is their trade with the Russians, they divide their territories into territories!” In fact, by 2021 Sputnik Senator Řosoacă tops the list of political personalities.

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