Romania again tops in road accident deaths, showing preliminary figures for EU 2021

Romania has the highest number of road accident deaths in 2021, according to EU figures. As a result, the death rate in Romania is more than twice the European average, writes Thus, preliminary statistics show that the death toll from road accidents recorded in Romania last year was 93 per million people, up from the European average of 44. Norway has the lowest death rate at 16, Malta at 17, and Sweden at 18 per million.

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According to figures released by the European Commission on Wednesday, preliminary figures on road safety in the EU show that at the EU level, the death toll from road accidents in 2021 is 44, two times higher than before, but lower than before. The Govt-19 epidemic was 51 per million people in 2019.

Romania tops list of road accident victims

Thus, Romania reported an average of 93 deaths per million people by 2021, 85 per million population by 2020 and 96 per million population, very close to the pre-epidemic average, respectively.

Bulgaria is in second place with 81 deaths per million, Latvia with 78 deaths per million and Croatia with an average of 72 deaths per million.

Norway has the lowest road accident death rate at 16 deaths / one million people, 17 deaths per million people in Malta and 18 deaths per million people in Sweden.

At the EU level, the number of road deaths has dropped by 36% in the last decade

“19,800 people were killed in road accidents last year, an increase of 1,000 (+ 5%) compared to 2020, but almost 3,000 (-13%) fewer deaths than in the past. Outbreaks (2019). The overall goal is to halve the number of deaths by 2030. Europe. At the union level, it has fallen by 36% over the past decade, ”the European Commission said in a statement.

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Preliminary figures show that nine member states – Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Cyprus, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal and Sweden – recorded the lowest number of road accidents in 2021.

Compared to the pre-epidemic year 2019, the number of deaths due to road accidents in 2021 has decreased by 13%, the largest decrease recorded in Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Poland and Lithuania by 20%.

However, over the past two years, road deaths have increased in Latvia, Slovenia and Finland.

In urban areas, most of the pedestrian victims / three men / youths out of four road deaths are more likely to be involved in road collisions.

European statistics show that 52% of road deaths occur on rural roads, 40% in urban areas and 8% on motorways. Motorists (drivers and passengers) account for 43%, pedestrians 20%, two-wheelers (motorcycles and mopeds) 18% and cyclists 10% of all road accidents.

In urban areas, the majority of pedestrian victims, 37% of deaths, respectively.

“Two-wheeler users make up 18%, and the increasing number of cyclists killed (14%) means that almost 70% of deaths in urban areas are caused by road users. Three (77%) of the four road deaths are men. The elderly (65+) total A quarter (28%) of deaths are in youth traffic, but 12% of those killed on EU roads are between the ages of 18 and 24, compared to 7% of the EU’s population. Thus, statistics show that young people are more likely to die in road accidents. European Commission officials say.

In 2020, there was only one road accident death in Liechtenstein, with zero deaths recorded in 2021.

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