“RRR” debuts; The Batman movie rises to $673 million from the WW Box – Deadline

Update to the latest…: after Setting a new record on opening day To get a local address in IndiaSS Rajamouli’s $$$$ (go up! Hadeer! insurgency!) continued a strong run in the domestic market throughout the weekend and earned an estimated $3.8 million from 16 offshore positions as well as $9.5 million from North America.

India’s total is still a mystery, but it looks like it will be around $46 million, which would put the global start near $60 million – if the numbers hold in India, they’ll win $$$$ The #1 movie worldwide this weekend. These numbers come with a big asterisk because it’s hard to get strong numbers from India, but that’s what our sources indicate. There you have it: there is no central reporting system in India and it gets more confusing when a four-release movie is released in different languages ​​as with $$$$. Some regions also report net numbers while others are based on gross versus share of final receivables.

Based on the ratings we received, the Telugu movie had the second best opening weekend ever for the Indian title at home as well as in North America after Rajamouli. Baahubali 2: Conclusion. $$$$ She also topped this film on its opening day in India to set a new all-time record. at IMAX, was the $1.5 million global acquisition (including $410k in India) for the second largest IMAX opening of Indian PIC globally and domestically. Hopefully more numbers will come back on Monday to clarify the situation.


In other new editorials, Paramount’s the lost City They debuted in 16 smaller markets representing 7% of the international footprint. The $3.7 million Take it for Sandra Bullock and the Romcom Adventure Channing Tatum, based on the likewise in the same markets, tracking over 50% jungle trip49% advanced free man38% more Central Intelligence and 23% above spy.

The The Middle East Region-led play at $2 million from 238 locations. There was also #1 for the first time in Indonesia ($490,000 / out of 382), Israel ($265,000 / 34) and Romania ($220,000 / $76). Major overseas markets start appearing in mid-April including Spain, Australia/New Zealand and the UK, followed a week later by France, Brazil, Mexico, Germany and Korea.

In Collectibles, Warner Bros / DC’s Batman added 25 million dollars During the session of 76 global markets. That’s another big -49% with Spain down just 24%, Australia 31% and France and Brazil 40%. IMAX has crossed the $50 million global mark with the Caped Crusader, now priced at $52.7 million, including $21.2 million overseas.

Running outside on Matt Reeves’ destined trip to Gotham Ho $340.9 million about $672.9 million all over the world. The United kingdom It continues to lead all play at $47.4 million, followed by Mexico ($28 million), Australia ($24.1 million), France ($22.2 million) and Brazil ($20.2 million). at Chinawhere Batman Bend last week, during the Covid surge that forced about half of the nation’s movie theaters to close, the total is now $17.9 million.

at China This weekend, for the first time in a long time, three Hollywood films topped the frame. Batman Dropped to No. 2 as Roland Emmerich’s moon fall It debuted at number one there and took home an estimated 61.8 million yuan ($9.7 million). followed him Batmanand Sony Unknown With $13.6 million to date. (China is still dealing with the increased spread of the Covid virus, and Pudong is now heading into lockdown from Monday through April 1.)

UnknownFor his part, he drew a file 7.7 million dollars In 55 foreign markets this frame. international market now $223.9 million about $357.5 million worldwide. Led Shows United kingdom ($31.3 million), France ($18.8 million), Russia ($17.2 million), China ($13.6 million) and Germany ($12.9 million).


After the early overseas premiere kicked off last weekend, Michael Bay’s global crime drama Ambulance added $6.7 million In 58 markets this session. com abroad is $12.8 million Ahead of the local release on April 8. Holdovers saw 49% down while fresh openers including UK, France, Germany, Italy and Japan were in line with man’s anger. Jake Gyllenhaal-starrer made his best appearance in France During the frame, with $974 thousand in 434 locations and ranked second behind Batman. It came on the heels of last Sunday’s event premiere on the Champs Elysees with talent in tow. The top markets so far are Kingdom Saudi Arabia ($2.1 million), Mexico ($1.7 million), France ($974 thousand), The United Arab Emirates ($769,000) and United kingdom ($738,000). Upcoming releases include Korea, Australia, Spain and China.


Universal / DreamWorks Animation’s the wicked It only saw a 28% drop in its proprietary markets after the last session’s early offshore issuance. Weekend in total was good for $6.5 million In 37 markets to sell marine goods from 16.8 million dollars. Coming Out Early in the Adventure Comedy Directed by Pierre Perifel, just in time for Easter Spain leads the charge. The film was again No. 1 on the market, over Batmanand has now made $3.6 million with a slight 13% decrease from the opening. The top 5 markets so far are rounded up by Mexico ($3.2 million), Germany ($1.7 million), Brazil ($1.2 million) and Argentina ($771 thousand). It is followed by Italy, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, China and Korea. Goes local April 22nd.


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