Rumor: Nintendo working on a Paper Mario Thousand-Year Door remaster for Switch?

Member of the famiboard Forums purporting to be investigative journalists have reportedly learned that Nintendo has been busy working on a Paper Mario: Thousand-Year Door remaster for the Nintendo Switch. The user says that he previously submitted verified rumors to various YouTube channels while remaining in the background, because he doesn’t like the attention. The user says he’s been in contact with three sources regarding the Paper Mario remaster. These are always popular and nothing has been announced by Nintendo.

“As some of you know, I am a behind-the-scenes hobby press and research various things for fun. Some of the subtle Nintendo rumors reported by YouTubers and other sites in the past were partially based on my research. Like I said, I don’t like attention, and so I always asked everyone Keeping me confidential, I intend to continue to keep those stories private.

However, I now have something I am very excited about and am aware of. Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door Remaster is finally happening and coming soon!

I have been in contact with 3 sources with this. One of them forwarded me to the third source, who I hadn’t interacted with before, so I was just cold-messaging them on LinkedIn. Since this third source will not acknowledge the release date I heard from the previous two, I’ll leave it as “coming soon”.

I’ve reported this to NintendoPrime and NateDrake privately. There is another person I have reported to, but they wish to remain anonymous.

Personally, I always hoped for a TTYD remaster. I’ve never played it on GCN so I’m really excited to finally get to play it on Switch soon. “

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