Russia Equips Submarines With New Bulava Missile, Nuclear: One Can Hit Three Targets

A key element in Russia’s modernization of its nuclear arsenal, the Bulava missile was developed as part of a program launched in the 90s and is used on Borey-class submarines.

According to the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Bulava missile has a range of 8,300 kilometers and can carry up to 10 Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicles (MIRVs) that can hit targets with different nuclear warheads.

The missile’s chief designer, Yuri Solomonov, said it was announced in a decree on May 7, the same day President Vladimir Putin began a new six-year term in the Kremlin.

The Russian Northern Fleet and Pacific Fleet have seven Bora-class submarines, each capable of carrying 16 Bulava missiles, TASS reported.

Last November, the Russian Defense Ministry announced a successful test with such a missile launched from the White Sea and hit a stationary target thousands of kilometers away on the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been warning the West since the start of the war in Ukraine that direct intervention by NATO troops there could trigger a nuclear conflict.

The Kremlin leader said in March this year that he did not believe the United States was “rushing” in this direction, but that Russia’s nuclear forces were technically ready for any eventuality.

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