Russia has stopped supplying gas to two European countries. Unstable Russian gas supply led to rising prices

Russia on Friday decided to suspend gas supplies to two European countries through the Yamal pipeline. The Yamal-Europe pipeline will take about 15% of Russia’s gas to Europe.

Russia has cut off a pipeline that carries 15% of Russia’s total gas to reach Europe, including Turkey. Traffic was halted there on Friday, according to data from the gas pipeline operator, according to a statement issued by Gasprom.

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The Yamal-Europe gas pipeline was shut down by Russia on Friday. It fed Poland and Germany

Gas from Russia accounts for about 40% of European gas demand. According to Gascade, Russian gas flow from Poland to Germany via the Yamal-Europa pipeline was suspended on Friday.

However, data from the Cascade operator showed that they had stopped flowing, and on Thursday, Russian energy company Gazprom resumed supplying natural gas westward from Poland via the Yamal-Europe pipeline. The company has set aside 7.8 million kilowatts per hour of piped gas transport capacity from Friday morning to Saturday morning.

According to Reuters, 101,119 kilowatt hours of Russian gas flowed into Germany via the meteor point on Friday morning and about 13.5 million kilowatt hours at night.

Poland, decision on gas pipeline, due to price increase. The gas pipeline has been running upside down since December

Gas pipelines between Poland and Germany typically account for 15% of Russia’s gas supplies in Europe and Turkey. However, since December, it has been operating in the opposite direction, which has led to higher gas prices in Europe.

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In fact, gas prices in Europe have risen due to unstable gas supply from Russia and high fuel demand as economies have begun to recover from the corona virus epidemic.

In particular, the German-Polish section of the pipeline diverted gas flow eastward on 21 December. At that time, customers in Poland turned to goods stored in Germany instead of buying Russian gas at higher prices.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Moscow will continue to supply natural gas to world markets, despite US approval from the United States and its European allies.

“Russia wants to continue to supply world markets with unrestricted supply of this raw material, including liquefied natural gas,” Vladimir Putin said on February 22.

In the wake of concerns over Russian gas supplies amid tensions in Ukraine before the war began, Moscow insisted that they were being pumped westward without interruption, even during the Cold War.

On Thursday, the Russian company Gazprom announced an increase in gas traffic to Europe via Ukraine – another major route. Representatives of the company added that it had sent gas to Europeans at the request of customers, through the country currently under attack by Russian military forces.

The Poles sought the gas supply provided by the Germans. Russian gas is very expensive

The Poles decided to resort to German stockpiles instead of buying Russian gas at a higher price than before.

Gas prices in Europe are rising because of Russia’s turbulent gas supply and high fuel demand, as economies have not recovered from the health crisis.

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Gosprom intermittently sent gas to the West, announcing an increase in supply to the West via Ukraine.

On December 21, gas flowed east of the German-Polish section of the pipeline as customers in Poland turned to goods stored in Germany instead of buying Russian gas at higher prices.

Ukraine’s unstable gas supply from Russia before the war caused a price explosion

Russia’s turbulent gas supply and high fuel demand have pushed up gas prices in Europe as economies recover from the epidemic.

Gosprom said on Thursday that it was sending gas to Europe via Ukraine, in line with customer requests.

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