Russia has yet to remove any of the Himars missile systems donated to Ukraine by the West

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley said on Thursday that Russia has not yet removed any of the advanced missile systems donated to Ukraine by the West. CNN.

The claims come as Russia says it has struck US HIMARS systems near the front lines.

“So far, the HIMARS (systems) that we have provided – and by the way, we are not the only country, other countries also provide long-range systems, for example, the UK, and many countries donate long-range missile cannons – to date, these systems have not been removed by the Russians,” he said on Wednesday. said after the fourth meeting of the Contact Group on Security of Ukraine, which includes 50 countries from all continents.

Milli described how Ukraine uses donated missile systems.

“Ukrainians are effectively using these HIMARS systems against Russian command and control nodes, their logistics networks, their field artillery and many other targets,” Milley told reporters in Washington DC. “The Ukrainians have the best artillerymen, the best gunners, as the British call them, they are very skilled,” he added.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov has acknowledged the praise Ukraine has received from the United States and other allies for its use of donated multiple-launch missile systems such as the Himars.

“I would like to note that American partners and colleagues from other countries have expressed their appreciation for the skill of our soldiers, including the way they use artillery and Himars,” Reznikov said.

The minister said these Western-provided weapons were “already affecting the course of the war”.

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In his analysis of the meeting, Reznikov provided an overview of the situation on the battlefield to the Ukrainian Defense Liaison Committee, which, according to him, showed that Russia had suffered significant losses in terms of livestock and equipment.

“These are impressive statistics that prove that Ukraine is indeed the shield of Europe,” he said. “It is important that this overview is well prepared by the partners based on their data and assessments,” the Ukrainian Defense Minister added.

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