Russia says it has successfully tested a “Satan 2” nuclear missile. Putin is once again threatening the West

Russia’s Defense Ministry on Wednesday released images of an intercontinental ballistic missile known as “Satan 2”. The launch was made from the “Plesetsk” cosmotrome and was a “success” according to Russian officials. This is Russia’s first test of such a missile.

After the missile, Putin warned the West that the missile would “feed thought” to those trying to threaten Russia.

Putin appeared on television, according to Reuters.

“This truly unique weapon will strengthen the combat capability of our armed forces, ensure the reliability of Russia’s defense against external threats, and feed those who seek to intimidate our country,” Putin said.

The long-range missile has been in development since the 2000s .It’s a replacement for older missiles built in the 1970s.

Wednesday’s test launch is not surprising to Western nations because the rocket has been in development for many years, but it comes at a time of intense geopolitical tension over Russia’s war in Ukraine, Reuters reports.

According to a video released by the Russian Defense Ministry, the rocket was launched from an underground silo.

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