Russia says Su-24 bombers transferred infantry and infantry units from Crimea to other bases

Russia says it has booked 10 Suhoi Su-24 bombers from the Crimean peninsula as part of an exercise at airports elsewhere. The Russian Defense Ministry also said that after the completion of military exercises in Crimea, many mechanized infantry units returned to their garrisons in Dagestan and Chechnya.

Separately, the Interfax news agency quoted the Russian Defense Ministry as saying that a train loaded with tanks from the western military district had left an undisclosed location to return them to their base in the Nizhny Novgorod province.

In another report quoted by the TASS news agency, the Moscow Defense Ministry said that 30 trucks carrying military and equipment from the western military district would return to permanent bases after participating in military applications without specifying their location.

Russia’s military maneuvers have been closely monitored following Moscow’s announcement that it has begun withdrawing troops from its border with Ukraine. But Kiev and the West have questioned the announcement, with some Russian military forces and equipment likely to be replaced by others.

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