Russian Ambassador to Washington Joe Biden says recent statements confirm US involvement in Ukraine war.

Anatoly Antonov, Russia’s ambassador to Washington, says recent statements by US President Joe Biden confirm the US’s involvement in the war in Ukraine. Tasse.

Anatoly Antonov, Russian Ambassador to the United StatesPhoto: Sergey Babilev / Doss / Profimedia Pictures

The diplomat made the claim after Russian state media asked him to comment on the fact that Biden He made the commitment Monday night US to provide advanced air defense systems to Ukraine

“Russia’s decision to attack infrastructure in Ukraine with precision weapons is a response to terrorist acts in our country, the responsibility of which lies entirely with the Kyiv regime,” Antonov said in a statement released by the embassy.

“We do not expect a different reaction from the administration. However, we perceive the statements of the US leadership about their intention to support Zelensky with additional supplies of military products, including the most modern models, confirming that Washington has strengthened its position as a participant in the conflict,” added the Russian ambassador.

“Such assistance, as well as helping Kiev with information, trainers and guidance on combat conduct, is a way to further and increase the risk of conflict between Russia and NATO,” he added.

Antonov called on the US “and its allies” not to cross the “red lines” drawn by Moscow, which the ambassador says the West has come close to.

“You will no longer support the regime [de la Kiev] with deadly weapons. This will only lead to new casualties and destruction, and prolong the conflict”, concluded Anatoly Antonov.

What did US President Joe Biden promise Ukraine?

The US president promised Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday that he would “continue to provide Ukraine with the advanced air defense systems it needs to defend itself,” according to a White House press release.

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The Democratic administration in Washington also said Joe Biden expressed his “condolences” in a phone conversation between the two after the massive Russian attacks. Over Kiev And Other Ukrainian cities.

Joe Biden and the leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) They will be on Tuesday A virtual meeting to discuss their commitment to supporting Ukraine and holding Russian President Vladimir Putin accountable for Russia’s aggression.

The White House has announced that Volodymyr Zelensky will participate in the talks.

Ukraine has vowed to bolster its armed forces after Russia launched its biggest airstrikes on cities since the start of the war, sending thousands of people into air raid shelters and cutting off electricity exports to Europe to Kiev.

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