Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has gone missing

Russia’s independent intelligence agency Agentstvo, which aims to expose government corruption, told the Telegram how one of Vladimir Putin’s closest allies last appeared on state television on March 11.

An acquaintance of the Russian minister, who did not want to be named, confessed to some Russian journalists that Sergei Choiku’s entourage was not feeling well and that he had heart problems.

Șhoigu’s profile on the Ministry of Defense’s website has not been updated since March 11.

Russian forces have faced unexpectedly strong opposition from the Ukrainian military since invading their neighbors on February 24. Russia’s progress in the northeastern capital, Kiev, has come to a standstill, despite fierce fighting in other parts of the country, according to an update from Britain’s Ministry of Defense this week.

According to Agentstvo, Shoiku is generally a key figure in media appearances for the Kremlin, and when he took charge of the department in 2012, he helped promote the campaign to improve the public image of the Ministry of Defense.

Oleksi Danilov, secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Security Council, believes that the disappearance of key Russian security forces from the public sphere means that Russian structures are exploring relations and finding those responsible for Ukraine’s failures.

Denilov noted Russia “Choi is not only gone, there are many generals, nothing is known about them.”

He also said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had destroyed the Russian Federation during his 22-year rule.

“What is happening today is that the Russian Federation was destroyed by their leader. No one has touched them, they have destroyed themselves in these 22 years,” Danilov said.

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