Russian expert: Terminally ill Putin ‘kept alive by doctors’ to end Ukraine war

Vladimir Putin is sick and kept alive by doctors to end his war in Ukraine, new reports suggest. Daily Star.

The British publication writes that doctors are using advanced Western treatments to stop the cancer from spreading to other parts of Putin’s body. At the same time, the cited source suggests that the Russian president has less than a year left.

“I can tell without this treatment [străin]”He certainly would not have been in public life in the Russian Federation,” Russian political scientist Valery Solovyi said.

“It uses a very advanced treatment [și] Targeted therapy that Russia cannot provide. I would say that the treatment was very successful. They treated him well,” says the Russian political scientist.

Despite the improved treatment, “according to the doctors dealing with this treatment, the end is near because no drug can be successful indefinitely,” Solovy added.

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Vladimir Putin

He told Ukrainian YouTube channel Odesa Film Studio, “It’s obvious to him in movement — on his feet — that many viewers have noticed.”

His treatment led to several side effects, including early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, Solovy said.
“He has very serious medical problems,” the expert said.

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