Russian soldiers fight “heroically”. Asked what the goals of the “special military operation” were, Putin gave a different answer

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Vladimir Putin with the heads of the Russian military, Sergei Shoigu and Valery Gerasimov. Photo: Profimedia Images

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an evasive answer when asked by a Russian reporter about the “special military operation in Ukraine” – the phrase used by Russian propaganda for the war in Ukraine – in which the Ukrainian military finds itself. Counter attack. Putin said Russian soldiers were acting “heroically” on the Ukrainian front without specifying what “heroic” meant or describing any “heroic” achievements of his military.

“Our forces are acting gallantly. In some areas they attacked the enemy by surprise. They got favorable positions, heights and so on. All attempts to break through our defense lines aimed at the Ukrainians (Ukrainians), including the use of strategic reserves, have been unsuccessful. “The enemy has not achieved any success,” Putin said.

The reporter then asked the Kremlin leader, “What are our future goals?”

“I will answer you personally after you turn off the camera,” Putin replied.

On Sunday, fighting “intensified” in eastern Ukraine, with Ukrainian and Russian forces clashing in at least three areas on the eastern front. At the same time, the combat operations of the Ukrainian army and the increasingly visible signs of the difficulties faced by the Russian army mean that Kiev’s forces can achieve great success in the counteroffensive launched in early June, said the head of the Estonian military services, Colonel Marko. Grossberg.

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