Ryan Murphy stands by Dahmer, obviously wondering what “the rules” are now with this kind of thing.


Ryan Murphy Dahmerwith The Evan Peters method has been going on for months To play the killer of the same name, he was Huge success for Netflix. It has also been met, somewhat paradoxically, with backlash over the way it allegedly glorifies or downplays Jeffrey Dahmer’s stories of his victims or their families. True crime stories that take the killer’s point of view, or at least emphasize the killer’s point of view, are always somewhat controversial, but something about the horror of Dahmer’s crimes and the fact that Peters played him. Controversy for some people. Throw in the fact that Murphy later admitted that he contacted loved ones of Dahmer’s victims and “No one replied”, And you have so much support for the side that he probably shouldn’t have done that.

But, of course, Ryan Murphy stands by his side Dahmerexplained in a The New York Times He profiled the show exploring how homophobia and racism allowed Dahmer’s crimes to continue, saying that his story was “the biggest thing I’ve ever seen, a kind of research into how easy it is to get away with things in privileged white areas.” He also questions what the “rules” are now, saying, “Should we never make a movie about a tyrant?”

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Surprisingly, Murphy stands ready Dahmer So much so that he objected Netflix is ​​removing the LGBTQ tag from the series—which most live broadcasters tend to use to highlight positive representations of LGBT people, so it continues to be used Dahmer Some viewers offended. Murphy says he asked Netflix why the tag was removed from his show, and he’s been told that “people are upset because it was an upsetting story,” but says that’s the point. “It was the story of a gay man and, more importantly, his gay victims.”

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