Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5 get a redesign of the Google Play Store

Last update: Sep 5, 2022 at 11:54 UTC + 02:00

they say that The Google Play Store Redesign is starting to appear to be compatible Wear OS smartwatches, including Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5. The redesign was shown earlier at the Galaxy Unpacked 2022 event, where Samsung It also unveiled Galaxy Watch 5 and the Watch 5 Pro. The information was also published in the Google Play system update September patch notes.

The first thing you’ll notice with the new update to the Wear OS Play Store is that the search button is now inside a dial instead of a circle. The Explore All section now displays three apps, followed by the See More button. Under both sections, you’ll see app names and icons, along with Play Store ratings, helping you decide if the app is worth your time.

Wear OS Play Store redesign is rolling out as a server-side update

The big cards for “clock faces,” “music streaming,” “essential clock apps,” and “a healthy mind and body” come after the “Recommended for You” and “Popular Now” sections. The last section is “Browse and install apps from your other devices,” which does the same thing as mentioned. The only downside to this renovation is that the “Manage Applications” and “Settings” options are placed right at the bottom of the page.

The current design, as noted before 9To5Google, is a “very heavy and boring text”, which is true. The new design adds a bit of flair that will prompt users to download and try out apps and also increase the developers’ interest. The new design is rolling out With Google Play for Wear OS version 31.2.10-26. Note that it’s a server-side update, and you’ll have to wait your turn for it to be visible on your Wear OS watch.

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