Sarah Beth Quits American Idol After ‘Mom-Shaming’ Joke As Katy Perry Tries To Sway Her To Stay – Deadline

Sarah Beth Libby was shocked American Idol viewers and judges when she announced her exit from the reality competition during the first episode of Hollywood Week.

The contestant takes to the stage to perform “Roxanne” for the police after being coached by Clay Aiken to boost her confidence on stage.

“This opportunity is really great but this will actually be my last performance ’cause my heart is at home so I’m going home to my kids.” said Libby after her performance.

Libby then rushed off the stage leaving judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan confused as to what was going on. The judges asked to speak to Liebe and she was taken back to the stage.

“Life is scary,” Berry told Liebe. “I also know that it’s easier to walk away from rejection, but then I also know that you’re missing out on your fullest potential. I know that you love your family for your kids — I know that as a mother. But remember, self-love is as great as a mother’s love. Don’t let go of competition.”

Libby just said “thank you” and walked off the stage. Behind the scenes, Libby talks to a producer who tells her that she doesn’t feel like she’s going to win the competition and that she’d better go home.

Despite her lack of confidence about how long she will be in the competition, the judges were positive about the talent of Liebe and the rest of their group as they pushed them through to the next round.

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Perry asked Libby to stay on stage and said, “You opened a door you never thought you’d open, and you got a yes. You might get other yeses in the future. Don’t give up.”

However, Libby’s decision had already been made and Perry’s words did not affect the vocals, who hoped to stay in the competition.

“I’m really humbled and grateful that Katie had some really nice things to say,” said Libby backstage. “If my kids were a little bit older… I understand how huge the opportunity is, but I still want to go home.”

Libby admitted that leaving American Idol It may be something you will regret in the future. The former contestant had made headlines a few days earlier when her audition episode aired on ABC. Libby went on to say that she was shamed out of my mom by Perry.

When Libby auditioned, the judges were surprised that she was 25 because they said she could be over 16. However, they are even more shocked when she reveals that she has three children. Berry rose from her chair and jokingly acted as if she was going to fall on the judge’s table.

“If Katie were to lie on the table, I think I would die,” Libby joked.

“Honey, you’ve been laying on the table a lot,” Berry quipped.

Then Libby shared her thoughts on it TikTok account that the joke “wasn’t great,” also adding, “It was so embarrassing to be on TV and it hurt, and that’s it. But I wanted to take this opportunity to just say that I think supporting women and uplifting them with other women is so amazing, and I think that Mother’s shame is too lame.”

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