Sarah Polley asked her daughter to return her Oscar in an April Fool’s prank

  • Written by Thomas Mackintosh
  • BBC News

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Sarah Polley won Best Adapted Screenplay for Women Talking

Canadian filmmaker Sarah Polley shared a “cruel” April Fool’s joke that was played by none other than her 11-year-old daughter.

A message appeared on Saturday morning saying, “It is with deepest regret that we tell you this: The Oscar you received was the wrong one.”

Polley won Best Adapted Screenplay for Women Talking at the 95th Academy Awards in Los Angeles last month.

The letter, posted on Twitter, requested that the letter be “mailed back” to California.

She said she could keep the prize for an extra week so she could “enjoy having it” in her home.

But in the end, it had to be returned so it could go to the “legitimate” winner: All Quiet on the Western Front.

“We’re sorry for your loss, but it’s fair to play with you TRUE Best Adapted Screenplay gets an Academy Award.”

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The film director behind All Quiet on the Western Front, Edward Berger, got in on the joke.

“I will follow up shortly. Alright with you?”

Polly, who rose to fame as an actress in the 1990s, soon realizes that the letter was not written by the Academy, but by her daughter as an April Fool’s Day prank.

But she made it clear she wasn’t impressed – saying her 11-year-old daughter “swinged low” on April Fools’ Day.

“We feel it is wrong for you to have this on April 1st because you will most likely think it is a joke, and we feel that this is wrong, so another letter will be sent assuring you that this is not a joke,” the letter said.

“This is too harsh to be a joke, so we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.”

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