Saudi Arabia vs USA: International Men’s Football Friendly Match – Live | United States of America

main events

70 minutes: Bad gift from McKenzie leads to a golden opportunity for Kingdom Saudi Arabia. However, Turner fended off Asiri’s strong bid from outside the area. Yikes.

65 minutes: The United States won a corner and played deep at the far post. Zimmerman gets up but can’t outrun him and McKinney fails to hold him, leading to Kingdom Saudi Arabia Goal kick.

61 minutes: Ferreira fired a shot set up by Areola but it was sent straight to Al Yami to save the starting ball.

60 minutes: Pulisic takes the free kick off Yedlin’s foul and is cleared of danger without damage.

59 minutes: Joe Scully, 19, from Long Island, comes in for Yadlin. It is his third international appearance. Two other alternatives to Berhalter: Mackenzie on Long and Ferreira on Pepe (which ended with Little 13 touches).

57 minutes: Yadlin makes a cross in the middle but Abdul Hamid drops him in a pile. Too late treatment above the ankle. Abdul Hamid is shown in yellow for his efforts.

56 minutes: Kingdom Saudi Arabia They are driven out by Arriola in a dangerous area, but his cross is intercepted directly in the box and attacks Saudi Arabia again.

51 minutes: Kingdom Saudi Arabia Winning a free kick near the halfway line. Moments later, Al-Dosari crosses into the penalty area, but Turner is there to take the ball away. Toothless start for the United States to start the second half.

48 minutes: The corner is erased from the square after the seam of Kingdom Saudi Arabia throw in. Nothing comes from it and the United States controls it.

47 minutes: Kingdom Saudi Arabia Winning the first corner of the match. The VAR is briefly consulted to determine if Yedlin touched the ball with his hand, but requests for a free kick are denied.

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“It’s clearly not the best playing field,” Says former USMNT defender about critic Alexei Lalas on Fox. Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

The players returned to the field in the second half. There are no alternatives to the United States or Saudi Arabia. In addition, the Berhalter has confirmed That Reina’s exit was precautionary and without reason in particular.

Half time: Saudi Arabia 0-0 America

It’s better than Friday’s show against Japan, just. But the United States will need to show much more than they have so far to allay growing concerns about this aspect with their opening World Cup match against Wales just 54 days away.

45 minutes: Fourth signals minutes of injury time.

42 minutes: The United States wins another corner but nothing comes of it. With the first half coming to an end, the Americans’ offensive strategy basically boils down to: Play offside balls over the top.

40 minutes: It appeared that Pulisic was fouled by Abdul Hamid inside the area near the goal line, but nothing from the referee.

37 minutes: Pulisic takes a hard foul on the ball, shortly after a late tackle on McKinney. The referee did not issue yellow for either of them. It is also reported that Jiu Reina switched after half an hour It wasn’t planned. Not great.

34 minutes: It won’t be the Yedlin-Acosta-Arriola side of the field Kingdom Saudi Arabia vibrate in their shoes. Weft.

30 minutes: A pair of replacements at the half hour mark. For the United States, Reina will be leaving for Paul Areola. for Kingdom Saudi ArabiaAnd the exits of the Najee place Asiri. Remember: six substitutions at three different moments are allowed according to the rules of the day (half time does not count as a substitution moment).

28 minutes: Al-Bahbri’s free kick sailed off the bar harmlessly and the Americans attacked again.

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27 minutes: The United States won a free kick and Reina’s effort crossed his goal amid complaints from the Americans about a mistake. Kingdom Saudi Arabia Quick on the counter-attack and a foul by Acosta gives the Green Falcons a free kick from a dangerous area 25 yards from the goal.

24 minutes: bad filter by Kingdom Saudi Arabia After an unsuccessful American attack the ball flew to Tyler Adams, whose shot from about 20 yards skids wide to the left of the post.

19 minutes: Great Pulisic surrender to McKennie and left side backup. Pulisic then tries to catch Pepi in the middle, but the entry lane is blocked backwards and he pulls her out of the corner. Nothing comes of it, but Kingdom Saudi Arabia It cannot maintain possession and the United States will try to build again from the middle third.

16 minutes: Yedlin picks a wide open Pulisic ball with a long ball to the top of the area, but is soon slashed by a group of Kingdom Saudi Arabia defenders and the disadvantaged. The US is still trying to break that high pressure, but overall it looks sharper and more organized than the Japan match.

13 minutes: Too bad a gift by Adams in the back is given Kingdom Saudi Arabia A clear chance on goal, but a shot is fired wide to the left of the goal.

9 minutes: Al Yami made his first block of the night, easily blocking a right-footed shot by Makinni from above the area. This is the third time the Juventus man has made a deep tour in the final third.

6 minutes: Some great left-over combinations involving Pulisic and Pepe create another chance for the US, but McKinney is just a linear offside. Kingdom Saudi Arabia They play at a very high streak, which would provide an opportunity for the American frontline.

4 minutes: The United States was doing a lot of defense in the first minutes. Then suddenly Kingdom Saudi Arabia She chases after them and Reina sends a long ball to Pepe who is standing alone on goal. But it’s just a sneak step.

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1 minute: We are out! Kingdom Saudi Arabia They start and attack from left to right wearing their all-white kicks, the United States from right to left in their all-white strips. And it takes only 25 seconds for American goalkeeper Matt Turner to test. Al-Ghanam fired a shot through the traffic on goal, but Arsenal’s support saved it.

The players exited the tunnel into the nearly empty Nueva Condomina. Great insurance atmosphere! At first, there was a recording of the banner with twinkling stars, and then a recording of the national anthem of Saudi Arabia. We should get down to business in moments and we’ll pick it up with minute-by-minute coverage from there.

Today’s Berhalter’s XI Friendly (average age: 25 years, 73 days) is considered experienced by the standards of this course. Junior appearances averaged 33 caps, the highest in the United States in nearly three years. A few other news notes:

Yedlin will make his 75th appearance, moving up to tie with Mike Burns for 31st place on the team’s official fixture list. But he is the first to reach the milestone since Jozy Altidore in 2014.

Baby made his first appearance since he started World Cup Final Qualifiers in Costa Rica On March 30th. The 19-year-old from El Paso, who was recently loaned to Dutch club Groningen and scored his first goal in nearly a year, received the call alongside Pulisic, who missed Friday’s Japan game due to the injury he sustained. exercise.

The United States played six times of all time against Kingdom Saudi ArabiaThree wins, two losses and one draw. But this is their first meeting since the 1999 Confederations Cup third-place play-off, when the United States won 2-0 behind goals from Paul Bravo and Brian McBride (and Berhalter started as centre-back).

The United States has not faced Saudi Arabia since the 1999 Confederations Cup third-place play-off.

Interestingly (or not), Berhalter made his international debut against Saudi Arabia in a friendly match on October 19, 1994 in Dhahran.

Matt Turner becomes the ninth USMNT goalkeeper to make 20 caps. The 27-year-old Arsenal reserve has a record 14 wins, three losses and two draws, keeping 13 clean sheets in the previous 19 matches.

Acosta, Adams and McKinney line up together in a three-man midfield for the first time. It’s also the first time Pepi, Pulisic and Reyna have played side by side up front.

the difference!

Berhalter made four changes to the squad from Friday’s match against Japan. DeAndre Yedlin plays in the backline, Kellyn Acosta joins the midfield while Ricardo Pepi and Christian Pulisic lead the way.

Kingdom Saudi Arabia

eleventh: M Al Yami, S. Abd al-Hamid, Abd al-Hamid, al-Bilahi (centre), A Al-Omari, S. Al-Ghanam, A. Al-Dosari, R. Sharahili, A. Al-Hassan, Bahbri, F. Al-Braikan, S. Al-Naji

Subs: F. Al-Qarni, N. Al-Aqeedi, Mado, H. Al-Timbakti, A. Bamasoud, A. Al-Nashri, M. Kano, An Abd, F at the Mawlid, H. Asiri, H. Kamara

boss: Greg Berhalter

United States of America

eleventh: M Turner, S Dust, W Zimmerman, T Adams, A Long, W McKinney, C Pulisic (C), R Baby, J Reyna, Dee Yedlin, K Acosta

Subs: E Horvath, S Johnson, S Vines, P Arriola, J Ferreira, B Aaronson, E Palmer-Brown, J Morris, L De La Torre, J Cardoso, M McKenzie, M Tillman, J Sargent, J Scally

boss: Herve Renard

Rule: Ivan Bebek (Croatia)


Hello and welcome to Murcia where the United States meets Saudi Arabia in their last pre-Qatar 2022 friendly. Greg Berhalter’s team enters the final today after it was A crushing defeat 2-0 against Japan On Friday they failed to score a shot on target and needed a more positive display today at Estadio Nueva Condomina to allay concerns with the World Cup less than eight weeks away.

The kickoff is just over half an hour away. We’ll be right back with the team papers.

Brian will be here soon. In the meantime, here’s how the US has progressed in its previous game:

Daiichi Kamada scored after Weston McKinney’s donation in the 24th minute, Kaoru Mituma added a goal in the 88th minute, and Japan beat a lackluster and injury-stricken United States 2-0 on Friday in Dusseldorf, Germany, in the Americans’ next game – the last World Cup preparation.

The Americans failed to get a single shot on target, played a dismal first half and showed a bit more initiative after four changes in the first half. They have one win, five defeats and four draws in 10 road games since the win over Northern Ireland in March 2021 and just one goal in their last five away games.

American star Christian Pulisic did not wear his uniform due to an unspecified injury. The Americans were already 14th without Tim Weah, Younes Moussa, Chris Richards, Anthony Robinson and Zack Stephen, and Miles Robinson will miss the World Cup with an Achilles tear.

A series of defensive collapses plagued the United States in the first half and put pressure on goalkeeper Matt Turner, who has played only one game this season for Arsenal. Turner saved twice in the second half, on Junya Ito in the 55th minute and Kamada in the 65th minute.

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