Scarlett Johansson and Gwyneth Paltrow dismiss rumors of ‘Iron Man 2’ feud

Scarlett Johansson recently got engaged to Gwyneth Paltrow “The Goop Podcast” And they reminisced about their days together making Marvel movies. Paltrow launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008’s Iron Man as Pepper Potts, a role she reprized in two back-to-back Iron Man series and several Avengers films. Johansson made her MCU debut as Black Widow in Iron Man 2. Online reports on time The two actors claimed they clashed on set.

“People ask me, ‘Is it true that you and Scarlett Johansson didn’t get along in ‘Iron Man’?” Paltrow remembers.

“Is this a rumour?” Johansson replied. “You were so sweet to me in that movie. You were so petrified. You were so sweet to me! You could have been so horrible. You were so out of my comfort zone in that movie. I’ve never done anything like this before. Plus you set up like Such deep friendships.”

Paltrow told Johansson that the Iron Man team was “so excited that you were there,” adding, “I was so happy to have another woman around.”

“You kept telling me that,” Johansson said. Then I tried that later. When I made The Avengers, I was one of the few [women]… It was like one big hot dog party.”

Paltrow told Johansson she had a similar feeling when making the first Iron Man movie, as it was a large-scale production she hadn’t seen at that point in her career.

“It was exciting to be in something that resonated very deeply with people culturally,” Paltrow said. “I was never into that kind of blockbuster franchise either. It was new to me. But then I went on to do all those huge movies.”

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The two have also discussed whether or not their future includes new Marvel movies, though neither of them seem interested. Johansson’s Black Widow was killed off in 2019’s “Avengers: Endgame,” but returned for a previous standalone film, Black Widow.

“I’m done,” Johansson said. “Class is over. I did everything I had to do. And to go back and play a character over and over again, over the course of a decade, is such a unique experience.”

When Johansson asked Paltrow if she was done with the Marvel movies, Paltrow replied, “I think so. I mean, I’m not dead so they can always ask me.”

“I think you might come back sometime,” Johansson quipped.

“truly?” Paltrow said. “64-year-old Pepper Potts? How cool.”

And Johansson added, “It’s 100% happening. I can see it. They’ll never let you go. Break that wig, kid.”

Paltrow also appeared in “Avengers: Endgame,” but it was only in a cameo role. said the Oscar winner diverse That’s when her Marvel days might have been coming to an end.

“I mean, I’m a bit old for being in the suit and all that at this point,” she said. “I feel very lucky to have done it because I actually got to talk about him. I was friends with Jon Favreau. It was an amazing experience making the first ‘Iron Man’ and then watching how important he was to the fans.”

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