Shamans of Peru reveal when the war in Ukraine will end. “Peace and Peace Will Come”

Peace between Russia and Ukraine is on the horizon in the next year, or at least a group of shamans and healers from Peru’s capital Lima predicts, according to Reuters.

Atop a mountain, shamans dressed in traditional Andean dress welcome the New Year in a purification ceremony that includes flowers, incense, snakes and photos of the Ukrainian and Russian presidents.

“Things will calm down. Peace and quiet will come. This was shown to us,” he said Shaman Cleofe Sedano predicted that a peace agreement would be signed by August.

Shamans also predicted natural disasters

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Samani Peru

Celebrated each year at the end of December, the festival comes ten months after Russia invaded Ukraine, a conflict that has caused tens of thousands of deaths. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky actively promoted a ten-point peace plan.

After circling around the bouquets, cocoa leaves and skulls placed on the ground, Shamans They also predicted natural disasters.

“Next year there will be an earthquake, but not in the capital of Peru, somewhere else, somewhere abroad in North America, it may be in the United States… There will be a lot of disasters, especially the climate,” he said. Shaman Walter Alarcon.

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