Six more lions were killed by herders after Lunkido died in Kenya, possibly the continent’s oldest living lion.

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A lion in Nairobi National Park. Illustration: Profimedia Images

Six lions were killed by herders in Kenya on Saturday after the cats attacked their herd, the latest incident in the East African country’s ongoing conflict between humans and wild animals, reports said. Reuters and Agerpres.

A day earlier, one of Africa’s oldest wild lions was speared by Maasai herders near Amboseli National Park in the country’s south, near the border with Tanzania.

“A total of 10 lions have been killed in the Amboseli ecosystem” since last week, the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) said in a statement, as meetings were arranged with representatives of the local population.

“Discussions are focused on how to reduce the risk of human-wildlife conflicts, including developing prevention systems that alert communities to the presence of wild animals in their vicinity,” said people from KWS.

This East African country has seen wild animal encroachment into populated areas in recent years as urban development has reduced their habitat and migration areas.

On Friday, a 19-year-old male lion was speared by Lunkido after entering a cattle shed near Amboseli Park.

“An old lion was struggling to feed himself, cattle are easy prey. A normal lion would have gone into the park to attack wild animals,” KWS spokesperson Paul Ginaro pointed out.

In July, a lion that escaped from Nairobi National Park caused panic in an area south of the capital. The cat was tranquilized and taken back by rangers of the park, located seven kilometers from the city centre.

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In December 2019, a lion killed a man outside the park, and in March 2016, another lion was shot after attacking and injuring a local resident nearby.

About 2,500 lees live in Kenya, according to the country’s first national wildlife census in 2021.

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