Spotify Wrapped 2022 is here, and everyone’s getting a ‘musical personality’

Spotify Wrapped is here, and with it, a slew of year-end charts, data, and graphics ready to be shared. In addition to standard personal data (top artists, songs, etc.), Spotify provides listeners with social friend stats that the company hopes will generate the kind of buzz it has had in the past, spurring competitors like Apple Music and Youtube music to produce their own year-end tours.

The most amazing of goodies is the Music Personality feature — a Myers-Briggs-esque system that analyzes how you listen and assigns you one of 16 satisfying categories, such as “Adventurer,” “Fanclubber,” and “Specialist.” It’s a smart move. Whether it’s the zodiac sign or the Hogwarts house, kids simply love to be labeled.

The new Wrapped also includes a breakdown of listeners’ habits throughout the day, breaking down the mood of the music you’re drawn to in the morning, afternoon and night. And Spotify is bringing back artist messages in which stars like Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and J Balvin thank their fans for listening to them enough to make it to Spotify Wrapped.

Spotify also revealed the top performing artists on the platform, with Bad Bunny retaining his crown as the most streamed artist globally. In the US, the top artists of 2022 were (in descending order) Drake, Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny, Kanye West (Uh Oh), and The Weeknd. Spotify’s own dominated the top podcasts, with The The Joe Rogan Experience He leads the group, followed by him Call her fatherAnd the Everything goes with Emma ChamberlainAnd the Caso 63And the Crime addict.

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