Steve Young of the 49ers criticizes Shanahan’s handling of Tre Lance

If there is any quarterback in San Francisco 49ers The date who understands that the way a player starts his career is uncertain as to how he will perform in the remainder is Steve Young.

Perhaps that’s why the Hall of Famer, who spent his first two years as a professional throwing 21 interceptions for just 11 touchdowns for the miserable Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the next four as a replacement for Joe Montana, seem to have the patience for Niners QB Trey bayonet. Instead, he criticized Kyle Shanahan and his game layout.

in Interview with “Tolbert & Copes” on KNBR This Wednesday, Young raised several points of concern about Shanahan’s handling of Lance, assuming the coaching staff was completely satisfied with their conservative, offensive gameplay last week during the first half. Only when the Chicago Bears got back in to take the lead did the attack unfold, at which point weather conditions were a major hindrance. Young wondered if Shanahan’s conservative calls with Lance early on had prevented him from having the opportunity to “get into a groove” earlier.

It wasn’t like, ‘Here’s your next party,’ Young said. No, she was too cautious, too conservative. I got a 10-0 lead. In the first half, Cale probably thought to himself, “Perfect, everything is fine, let’s lock this thing up.” Then they were disturbed.”

This wasn’t the first time Young felt that playing in San Francisco had stymied Lance’s growth. When discussing Lance’s development, Southpaw best known for his efficient middle passes has thrown a few shots on the field in running the organization for Lance’s sporadic playing opportunities in 2021.

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“I don’t know how you felt about Trey’s appearances last year, not only are they few and far between, which for me if you’re really grooming him, you’ve found places for him to make more appearances,” Young said. “And then when he showed up, I felt like there were 15 quarterbacks. Like you never really felt like they wanted to test the midsection.”

There is no doubt that the man who ranks fifth in league history and first in franchise history to rush into the yards for quarterbacks can appreciate the value of QB’s hopping.

Like many Niners fans, Young hopes they are too more “expansive” With the game plan to move forward, even with rain in forecast This Sunday when they host the Seattle Seahawks. If the Niners are a team with designs in this year’s playoff, as by all accounts, they need Lance to show if they can dive or swim. If they follow Young’s advice, they might let him start swimming next time the water is calm rather than keep him inside for three quarters and then drop him in a hurricane.

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