Sweden’s presidency of the EU, which begins on January 1, does not want to put the Schengen accession issue on the agenda.

MEP Corina Crețu says that Sweden’s presidency of the EU, which starts on January 1, does not want to put the issue of Schengen accession on the agenda, and Romania’s next chance may come only in the middle of next year when Spain takes over. Presidency of the European Union.

“Austria and the Netherlands voted against the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the Schengen area. The Dutch representative explained that the country considers Bulgaria unprepared. Austria was openly opposed to Romania’s accession. It is sad for Romania, which – in my opinion – should have demanded a separate vote for Romania and Bulgaria,” said Corina Kreschu on her Facebook. wrote on the page.

“There is still hope for the EU Council on December 15,” says the former European commissioner.

“However, I think it is appropriate to thank the Czech Presidency of the EU, which has supported us a lot in the last six months. The Swedish Presidency, which starts on January 1, does not want to put this topic on the agenda of its Presidency. Then, from July 1, 2023, the Spanish Presidency of the EU When, trust can be returned to us, it fully supports the entry of Romania into the Schengen area.
As a result, our access is temporarily blocked. A bad day for Romania, Romanians don’t deserve it,” concludes Corina Cressu.

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