“Tank killers” go to Ukraine. The Ukrainian players have already been training for several weeks

The Russians appear close to capturing Bahmut in eastern Ukraine, reportedly capturing a nearby village. According to the foreign minister from Kiev, Ukraine will receive 120 to 140 tanks from allies, “in the first wave”.

But they are also unlikely to have F-16 fighter jets after US President Biden said “no”.

The Ukrainian commander summed up the fighting in and around Bahmut as “the epitome of hell on earth.” After Wagner Group’s mercenaries suffered heavy losses, Moscow reportedly dispatched airborne troops and a motorized brigade. The Russians are already claiming to have captured a village near Bahmut.

Oleksandr Motornyi, journalist: “This is one of the forward positions of the Ukrainian army. Weapons are always ready, occasionally there is an echo, a strong echo of battles, but our soldiers honestly admit, now here, the basic weapons are not machine guns, but shovels and picks!”

The Ukrainians are trying to wear down Russian forces, apparently aiming to control the strategically important highway.

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rallied the Russians

Cedric Leighton, US Colonel: “The heavy fighting around the cities of Soledar and Bahmut is key to Russia’s objectives. Bahmut has no strategic importance. Instead, it is on the highway that opens the entrance to Ukrainian-controlled territory for the Russians. What the Ukrainians are trying to do is hold them back, stop the Russians here, The ultimate goal is to get them out of here and south.”

Meanwhile, more than 60 Bradley fighting vehicles are on their way to Ukraine, loaded onto a cargo ship carrying US military equipment to Europe. Ukrainian soldiers have already spent weeks training to operate the American armored vehicles, nicknamed “tank killers” because of their efficient and long-range weapons.

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On the other hand, the 12-nation alliance has pledged to supply Ukraine with at least 320 modern tanks. The first wave of deliveries will consist of 120 to 140 tanks – said Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

Instead, at least for now, Kiev’s chances of acquiring modern fighter jets seem slim.

For the German chancellor, “supplying fighter jets is not even a question.”

Olaf Scholz: “We will do everything possible not to escalate the war against Russia. NATO, for example, at the beginning of the war, (NATO) refused to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine, because that would have led us directly to war against NATO. Russia. With that I said everything.”

The French president is not so definite, but cautious.

Emmanuel Macron: “It depends on the requests that are made, not on the rumors that are spread. So far, nothing (requests) have been made.”

Only Poland would be willing to supply Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets, but only after consultation with NATO allies. And the Lithuanian president demanded the delivery of fighter jets to Ukraine.

Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesman: “We see a very aggressive position from representatives of the Baltic states and Poland. They seem ready to do anything to provoke an escalation of the conflict, regardless of the consequences.”

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