“Tanks are like big refrigerators at night.” The Russian military is in danger of freezing to -20 degrees

Soldiers in a military convoy parked near Kiev for several days will soon face severe frosts. He writes that the temperature will drop to -20 degrees Newsweek.

Satellite images On February 28, the US company Maxar Technologies reported that there was a Russian military contingent about 64 kilometers north of the capital, Kyiv. Since then, the column of tanks, armored vehicles, armored trucks and troops does not seem to have advanced.

The Russian military has been suffering from adverse temperatures for more than a week, and now the weather in Ukraine is getting worse. The snow will continue, and the temperature will continue to reach -10 degrees.

Temperatures could drop further to -20 degrees Celsius due to easterly winds coupled with Arctic winds.

The Russian army is in danger of freezing to the front. Military expert Glenn Grant says if the engines do not run, their tanks will act like large refrigerators. But Russian troops are facing severe fuel shortages, which have slowed their progress since the early days of the war, according to international observers.

“The metal tank is like a refrigerator if the machine is not turned on at night. The boys (Russian soldiers, no) will not wait, they will go out, they will go into the jungle, they will surrender. [ca să nu înghețe de vii]. You can’t sit and wait because if you get in the car, you are waiting to die. They’re not fools, “said Glenn Grant.

According to Newsweek, there were about 15,000 troops in the 64-kilometer convoy near Kiev.

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