Tanzanian passenger plane crashes into Africa’s largest lake

Rescue operations are underway in Tanzania on Sunday after a plane carrying 39 passengers, including an infant, crashed into Africa’s largest lake, the company said in a statement.

It added in a statement that of the 39 passengers on board the Precision Air flight, 26 were rescued and taken to hospital. She added that no deaths had been confirmed. The airline did not give details of the cabin crew.

“We were able to save a good number of people,” Kagera District Police Chief William Mwampgalle told reporters.

“When the plane was 100 meters (328 feet) in the air, it had problems and bad weather. It was raining and the plane fell into the water. “Everything is under control.”

Video footage verified by NBC News showed the plane almost completely submerged in the lake with rescue boats around its green and yellow tail.

Precision Tanzania Airlines said in a statement On Facebook, its flight PW494, which was taking off from the commercial hub of Dar es Salaam on the country’s east coast, “had an accident while approaching Bukoba Airport”. The airline said the plane was an ATR42-500 – a twin-turbocharged turbocharged engine made by Italian-French company ATR.

Bukoba is located on the western edge of Lake Victoria, on the borders with Uganda and Kenya.

“The rescue team has been sent to the scene,” Precision Air said.

“It was with sadness that I received the news of the Precision Air crash,” Tanzanian President Samia Soloho wrote. Twitter. “Let’s be calm at this moment the rescuers continue the rescue mission while we pray to God to help us.”

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