The American wheat crop was damaged by the dry winter and torrential spring rains

Some farmers in North Dakota They are unable to grow the same amount of wheat as they normally do because of the heavy rains that are burdening farmers across the state.

Government data shows that the state is expected to grow wheat on the smallest recorded share of its farmland.

Scouts survey of drought-stressed spring wheat crops near Grandin, North Dakota, US, July 29, 2021. Photo taken on 29, 2021. (Reuters/Carl Bloom/file photo/Reuters Photo)

The United States is the fourth largest wheat exporter in the world. Due to the global food crisis and Russia’s war on Ukraine That has limited wheat exports from both countries, the world cannot afford to lose additional supplies of grain.

Chicago Board of Trade standard wheat prices saw 50% higher to more than $13.60 a bushel after Russia launched its invasion of its neighbor in late February, halting shipments of nearly a third of global wheat exports.

Families in Africa suffer from rising food costs and starvation due to the Russian war on Ukraine

The United Nations said that the impact of the war on grain, oils, fuel and fertilizers could lead to severe hunger for millions of people.

The United States asked its farmers Plant more winter wheat this fall. It also said it would allow planting on some environmentally sensitive lands starting in the fall, although grain analysts have warned that drought and costly farm inputs could put pressure on production gains.

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In the United States, spring wheat is sown in spring and winter, and wheat is sown in the fall, the latter of which will soon be harvested.

The issues arising from the sowing of spring wheat come next Drought hits the Kansas winter wheat cropIt is the most developed country.

Charitable food supplies to Ukrainians displaced from their homes amid war with Russia

A French farmer reaps his wheat field

FILE PHOTO: A French farmer harvests his wheat field during sunset in Thon Lovik, northern France, on July 22, 2021. (Reuters/Pascal Rossignol/File Photo/Reuters)

The potential for the US winter wheat harvest in Kansas has been decimated by more than 25% due to a severe drought, and farmers in the state may leave thousands of acres of wheat in the fields this year rather than pay for the grain harvest hit by a dry winter.

But North Dakota has the opposite problem, as the area has received a lot of rain. A historic snowstorm in April left some cratered fields in the state under more than 3 feet of snow, causing flooding as it melted.

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Reuters contributed to this report.

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