The behavior of an employer from Romania who brought workers from Asia. “He called me saying he was starving on the street.”

As the number of workers from outside the European Union increases, so does the number of people leaving us illegally for Western countries.

They often stay to collect a few wages and then cross the border in search of more income. That’s how they start new costs to bring employers into the country, but wait up to six months. There are also incidents of workers leaving due to the inhumane conditions here.

It has been almost seven years since Lagpa came to Romania. He brought his family, his wife and two children, and in time he became the leader of the Nepalese community. He speaks openly about the illegal exodus of workers from Asia.

Lakpa Tenji Lama, worker: “I have some friends from Nepal, they left here illegally, they escaped from Romania to other countries. They make more money in Schengen countries than in Romania, they make money through illegal work.”

A Romanian employer needs approximately 700 euros to bring a worker from outside the EU to the country. This amount includes fees for companies, translations and legalization, as well as fees for the recruitment agency. In addition to this amount, a salary is included, around 500 euros, as well as accommodation and food.

Al Tabiq Kamal, boss: “For example, I brought people even in December, 15 people to come for me personally. They fled from the airport from Bucharest. So they didn’t come to me at the factory, from the airport. I have an employee who ran away alone a month ago, He called me from Italy to take him back to work because he was starving on the street.

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Some expats choose Romania only as a starting point for the West. So recently there have been groups convincing them to go to countries like Italy.

In a response to Știrile Pro TV, the Border Police said it “intervenes through checks and other measures according to situations identified within its competence, including monitoring, including materials published online.”

Corina Constantin, Vice-President of the Employers’ Union of Labor Importers from Romania: “In recent years it has been proven that workers from Pakistan and Bangladesh are the pioneers of illegal immigration. The most important thing is that they lose the right to legally enter the territory of another EU. The moment they choose to leave the country illegally, they No longer able to hold a valid residence permit and visa in another EU state.”

Sometimes, foreigners who come to work leave Romania because of the bad conditions for their stay. This is also the group of 17 workers from Sri Lanka. Working in a company in Sinaia, they said they were not paid and were living in unimaginable conditions.

According to data from the Border Police, 6,300 foreign nationals have been detected trying to cross the border illegally in the past year alone, most of them in Hungary.

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