The CEO is suing a woman who considers him “just a friend” for $2.3 million

a CEO in Singapore He filed two lawsuits against a woman he pursued romantically after learning she just wanted to be friends — and is now reportedly seeking about $2.3 million for the heartbreak.

K. Kawshigan claims Nora Tan damaged his “star reputation” and says she brought “trauma, depression and repercussions” into his life. He also sought $22,000, or roughly $16,800 in US dollars, in a since-dismissed lawsuit alleging that she “breached an agreement” to improve their relationship.

state court The smaller lawsuit is overturned On January 28, Caughigan allegedly made “unsubstantiated” allegations that were “without foundation” and took advantage of court proceedings to try to “intentionally … provoke or suppress the defendant,” The Straits Times reported.

“This court will not be affiliated with [Kawshigan’s] A calculated attempt to coerce a defendant into participation who, after years of displeasing the plaintiff, finally decided to stand up to his threats rather than acquiesce in his demands, deputy registrar of state courts Lewis Tan writes about the cases.

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But the preliminary hearing for the other lawsuit, where he is asking for $3 million in Singapore currency, is still set for February 9.

Online citizens have identified Kawshigan as CEO of D1 Racing — a drone racing competition — and Director of Business Development at AeroLion Technologies, a drone production company.

Mr. K Kawshigan, Business Development Manager, AeroLion Technologies.
(AeroLion Technologies press release)

Kaushigan and Tan allegedly met in 2016 and became friends over time, but things hit a snag in 2020 when Tan found out they didn’t see eye to eye on the possibility of moving on.

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Tan saw Kaushigan as nothing more than a friend, but considered her his closest friend, according to the allegations. The discussion prompted Tan to try to limit their interactions afterward, which annoyed Kaushigan.


Tan tried to convey to Kawshigan that he was causing her “real” annoyance and that she needed greater boundaries and restrictions on their interactions, according to Channel News Asia.

Tired of his advances over the next year and a half, Tan initiated harassment proceedings against Caughigan, but indicated he was willing to Take legal action Against her – threatening to “make your liability worse” with a case he deemed to have “a strong legal basis”.

A view of the Singapore skyline, July 1, 2019.

A view of the Singapore skyline, July 1, 2019.
(Reuters / Edgar Su)

Tan made an effort to improve their relationship per an agreement with Kawshigan, even attending counseling sessions for a year as a measure of good faith, but in the summer of 2022, she again attempts to limit interactions.

She sent Kawshigan a list of “improvements” that she expected from him, which he used as a basis for claiming they had an agreement, which she broke.

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Caughigan sued Tan on July 7, alleging that he also lost his earning capacity and business partnerships as an “energetic high-capital trader by night and a busy CEO by day”, as well as the costs of treatment to cope with the “trauma”.

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Tan responded with an urgent order of protection against Caughigan.

People walk along the promenade at Marina Bay in Singapore on February 1, 2023.

People walk along the promenade at Marina Bay in Singapore on February 1, 2023.
(Ruslan Rahman/AFP via Getty Images)

“The body of evidence collectively reveals his propensity to resort to legal counsel and to raise threats of litigation to compel the accused to comply.” The registrar wrote in the judgment.

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The Registrar continued, “While he was successful before, the defendant now appears determined to stand up to his threats.” “In the face of the mounting evidence against him, the plaintiff has not presented any evidence in the affidavit to cast a different light on the picture drawn.”

Instead, the court ordered Kawshigan to pay Tan $14,000 (about $10,700) while the larger lawsuit remains set for a pretrial date.

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