The closure of the famous “Fisherman’s Wharf” restaurant “Aleuto”

In nearly 100 years, Alioto’s Restaurant, famous for Sicilian seafood, will permanently close its doors, According to the San Francisco Business Times,.

The enterprise has Rich and written history In the famous port San Francisco – And closing it heralds the end of a family legacy.

Founded by Italian immigrant Nunzio Aliuto in 1925 – and before it was known as a historic seafood restaurant – Aliuto was just a humble fish stand. Eventually, he moved to booth No. 8 at Fisherman’s Wharf and sold lunch to Italian workers, hence the lit No. 8 on the front of the building. As business boomed in the 1930s, Aliuto combined his fish stand with a seafood bar, selling freshly caught shrimp, lobster, and Dungeness crab cocktails. It was the first building on the quayside.

Even after his death in 1933, his family members continued the restaurant’s legacy: His surviving wife, Rose, stepped in, and became the first businesswoman at Fisherman’s Wharf. Once she expanded the restaurant in 1938 and established it as an official restaurant, it became Aliuto’s Restaurant, the establishment proudly serving “the freshest seafood, family Italian recipes, and the best views” for decades to come. It survived a devastating fire in 1957 and served as soldiers in World War II, but has not been able to reopen since March 2020.

Until the outbreak of the epidemic, she prepared traditional Sicilian seafood recipes, serving halibut, salmon and a rich clam chowder with petrel sole and swordfish.

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Randy Quezada, spokesperson for Port of SF Randy Quesada, spokesperson for Port of SF He told SFist in a statement. “Their contribution to the port and the city will not soon be forgotten.”

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