The Coachella acrobat collapses to the floor during a live DJ party on the second night of the California festival


April 16, 2023 | 5:36 p.m

An acrobat fell to the floor at Coachella while a performer was suspended in the air during a DJ set at the California Music Festival.

Video footage from the second night of the music festival on Saturday shows the shocking moment the dancer fell after spinning through the air inside the dimly lit room while party-goers danced to the music.

The stuntwoman can be seen curling around a hanging curtain, and as she lifts the sheet she appears to lose her grip, tumbling between two loudspeakers.

The woman lay motionless on the ground as people rushed to help her, and paramedics quickly arrived to take her away.

The accident happened about 5 minutes into her performance.

It was not clear on Sunday whether the woman sustained an injury while dancing or simply lost her grip. TMZ reports.

The outlet noted that a young female member of the crowd fainted when she saw the woman fall, while others rushed to convince the DJ to stop playing when paramedics arrived.

The dancer’s condition remains unclear, but she was able to blink before first responders removed her.

Video footage captured the moment the stuntwoman lost her grip on the curtains.
TMZ / background

Coachella did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment on the incident.

Autumn Saturday was eerily reminiscent of a 2019 incident at a music festival where a worker fell to his death while setting up a stage for a performance.

The worker, whose identity has not been publicly disclosed, was working as a “master installer” and was on the roof when he suddenly fell.

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The accident happened about 5 minutes into her performance.
TMZ / background
The woman lay motionless on the ground while people rushed to her aid.
TMZ / background

“He was with our team for 20 years in the desert and was doing what he loved,” Coachella officials said in a statement at the time. He was a hardworking, loving person who cared deeply about his team.

“As our chief of staff, he has been responsible for countless amazing performances that were put on at the festival.”

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