The disarming honesty of an employee who admits he does nothing at work: “We got paid to sit there”. What is his salary?

Sunday, April 23, 2023, 09:31

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In the wave of layoffs driven by MetaPlatforms late last year, there is one person who admits that he, in fact, had no duty and was part of a group of employees who did not work.

Britney Levy went San Francisco He admitted that after being hired by Meta in a role with recruiting duties last year, he did nothing.

“I was one of the employees who was hired in a weird position where they immediately put me in a group of people who didn’t work,” he said in a viral message on the Tik Tok social network.

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Business Insider picked up the story, but did not receive an official position from Meta on the circumstances employment Levi and the 6 months he spent in the company.

“Metta seems to be the only one hiring people so that other companies don’t have us; They collected us like Pokemon cards,” says the signer who walked in Agreement Annual salary of $100,000 per year.

The levy was scrapped in a wave of redundancies announced in November 2022, when 10,000 jobs were cut. The dismissal came as a surprise, as Levy was assured a week earlier that he would not be fired.

He left a job where he admitted he was doing nothing and was part of a team that was selected based on diversity. This includes people of color, Native Americans, veterans, reservists, and people with disabilities.

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When the contract was up, Levy didn’t sign the contract that would allow him to get it Wages compensation for 8 or 16 weeks because he felt that the documents presented to him were dominated by ambiguity and it was not clear whether he would receive money or whether he would receive health insurance. On the other hand, it allows him to speak.

“We got paid to sit there. It was a strange time,” the woman recalled.

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