The Eagles’ Road to 17-0: Smash 8-0 Philly’s nine remaining games, with predictions

The Philadelphia Eagles It was the last undefeated team in the NFL for over a month, starting 8-0 for the first time in franchise history. There have been 40 teams who started 8-0 in NFL history – 29 since the 1970 NFL/AFL merger – 14 of them have won the Super Bowl or the NFL. So the Eagles would definitely take 35% odds of lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Of those 40 teams that started 8-0, only four have completed a perfect regular season: 1934 Chicago Bears1942 Chicago Bears, 1972 Miami Dolphinand 2007 New England Patriots. The Dolphins was the only team to complete the perfect season – showing how nearly impossible the task of undefeated is.

The Eagles have a golden chance to run the table for the remainder of the regular 2022 season. Philadelphia will face five teams that currently have losing records. The other four games are against the NFC East (where the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants collide 12-4) and the only team over 0.500 in South Asia (Tennessee Titans).

Among the Eagles’ remaining opponents, their combined record is 39-36-1 as the .510 win percentage is the 13th hardest in the NFL. Expert in strength ratingsThe Eagles played the easiest NFL table to date – yet they beat two teams with six table wins.

Going 17-0 will be tough, but the Eagles are talented enough to find their way into the history books. Let’s take a look at Philadelphia’s remaining schedule and anticipate the remaining batch of games.

The Eagles will have 11 days to prepare to take on Taylor Heinick and the Leaders offense, as Carson Wentz will not return to face the team he recruited (reserve with a finger injury). The Philadelphia defense fired Wentz nine times in the first meeting as the leaders didn’t score until 1:55 pm.

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The leaders’ offensive line is better with Heinicke under center, and the passing rush has stabilized (and Chase Young may be back). Philadelphia’s pass attack still has a huge advantage.

prediction: The Eagles win (9-0)

Week 11: Time ponies (3-5-1)

The Colts’ offensive streak has struggled all season, and it’s taking a toll on Jonathan Taylor. Indianapolis is 30 in lunge yards per game and yards per carry, while Taylor (who was inactive with an ankle injury at Week 9) averages just 4.3 yards per carry with only one touchdown per season. Sam Ehlinger is more mobile than Matt Ryan, but he will start only his third career against the Eagles defense that leads the league in fast food.

A short week for the Eagles, but defense has the advantage over attacking the Colts trying to find his identity.

prediction: The Eagles win (10-0)

Week 12: vs. Packers (3-6)

This game is a wild card for Eagles. Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback the Eagles will face all season, but the Packers attack is incredibly inconsistent. Green Bay plays poor football, and is largely missing Davante Adams as Rodgers’ receiver. The current Packers hunters do not match the talented secondary class of vultures.

The Hazmons will have to manage football and shorten the match to beat the Eagles. Green Bay could do it, but would they? The Eagles will challenge the Packers’ 26th-placed NFL defense in peak yards allowed in each game after losing in Week 9 to black.

prediction: The Eagles win (11-0)

Week 13: Against the Titans (5-3)

The end of what seemed to be the Eagles’ most terrifying stretch at the start of the season, the Titans were one of the two teams who discovered his identity after a 0-2 start. Give the ball to Derek Henry to score points and stop the run.

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This game will depend on whether Jordan Davis comes back from spraining his high ankle (qualified to come out of injured reserve). This would be the Eagles’ confrontation with Henry, but AJ Brown will want to prove a point against a Titans defense that allowed 15 touchdown passes in the year (29th in the NFL) to enter Week 9.

prediction: The Eagles win (12-0)

Week 14: Time giants (6-2)

Who knows where the Giants will be at this point in the season? This will be the third consecutive game New York will play on the NFC East, but the Giants are in a gold position to have a record-breaking win at this point in the year.

The Eagles lost at MetLife Stadium in Jalen Hurts’ worst game as a starting quarterback last year, but the Giants let in plenty of yards on the ground and their corner situation was appalling. Seems like a game where the Eagles’ offense can get to the top early and control the flow from there. A strong start is vital.

prediction: The Eagles win (13-0)

Week 15: Bears (3-6)

Chicago is a team that has improved a lot since the start of the season and Justin Fields is improving. The Bears still have the league’s worst passing attack and 30th-ranked defense. That doesn’t seem like an ideal formula for beating an Eagles that plays to their greatest strength.

The Eagles are on hand for a first-round goodbye advantage on their home ground this week. That won’t be resolved this week, but they will take care of business in Chicago.

prediction: The Eagles win (14-0)

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Week 16: Time Cowboys (6-2)

This highly anticipated Christmas Eve game will be huge for both teams, yet the Cowboys will have a lot more to play for than the Eagles here. Dak Prescott would give the Cowboys’ attack a much different look than the Cooper Rush, even if Philadelphia had clinched the division by then (the Eagles have two games on hand and a playoff over Dallas after Week 9).

If the Eagles lose a match, this is the most logical game. Green Bay, Tennessee and New York are all vying for the first loss, but the Eagles have not won in Dallas since 2017. And that streak continues if little is at stake for Philadelphia.

prediction: The Eagles lose (14-1)

Week 17 vs. saints (3-5)

The Eagles snatch their home ground advantage in the NFC playoffs with a win, and have a chance to nurture a Saints team that is flipping football at an alarming rate (16 turns being third in the NFL) and scoring points from any 26th NFL defense in points allowed, entering Monday night’s game against crows.

There is still a perfect record in the house. The quest to go went undefeated, but the road to the Super Bowl runs through Lincoln Financial Field.

prediction: The Eagles win (15-1)

Week 18: Against the Titans (6-2)

This game means nothing to the eagles, and it may not mean anything to the giants either. It could be a match for backup quarterbacks as many of the young players on both teams get a chance at meaningful NFL shots.

Winning 15 games is impressive, especially since the Eagles have never achieved that in a regular season.

prediction: The Eagles lose (15-2)

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