The internet loves Donkey Kong swag in the Super Mario movie

Donkey Kong walks with a giant peach under his arms.

Donkey Kong food does not jiggle. folds.
picture: Nintendo / Lighting Studios / Kotaku

When Nintendo uploaded the first promotional image for the Super Mario Bros moviefans were quick to manipulate the plumber for concave ass. The question looming over everyone’s mind was whether or not he was Mario’s one-time opponent Donkey Kong will have an ass too. Fortunately, DK has enough trash in the trunk to make up for Mario’s shortcomings. Yes, this type of blog will be.

Yesterday, Nintendo presented for the second time Super Mario Bros. Movie tractor. out of existence Better trailer than the first Thanks to her appearance as Princess Peach’s girl-head and a series of Easter egg references for fans to comb through, it also came with the added bonus of Donkey Kong doing for Mario what the majority of viewers wanted Chris Pratt’s voice to do: knock the daylights out of him. But we’re not here to talk about Chris Pratt’s voice, I’ve already done that. We’re here to talk about Badonkadonk Donkey Kong.

If you’re not too busy cheering for Mario’s straight-up Donkey Kong in a fit of fists, chances are your curious eyes are wandering in the direction of the barrel-throwing monkey. Truly, any and all crimes Illumination Studios committed by unleashing the Minions on humanity were redeemed thanks to the originality it brought to Kong’s glorious donkey. Lighting even gave Kong A snatched waist To boot, so you know that old boy can throw that thong back on Circle like the best of them. But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what fans have been saying about DK’s butt online.

“Thank Christ, they keep his clappers,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Damn it—Donkey Kong double-cheeked, donkey, the sun’s still out,” wrote another.

“I don’t feel it, but Donkey Kong has the butt. So at least, if nothing else, they’re right,” Another note.

“It’ll hold a twerking scene,” another answered.

The jury is still out on there being a twerking scene The Super Mario Bros movie But if the minions submit TicTac reviews its promotional materials Is there anything we have to go by, it’s likely that we’ll at least get more than one side slate of Kong booty when the movie finally hits theaters on April 7th.

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