The invaders are killing Ukrainian children emotionally and cynically. Show them pictures of children of Russian women – tell them what their sons are doing in Ukraine!

Olena Zhelenska, wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, has posted a scathing message on social media about children who have died since Russia invaded Ukraine. He cited some examples of children, and noted that many were trapped in the basement and starving.

Gelenska called on the international press to present this reality and said that Russian women should also look at what their husbands and brothers are doing in Ukraine.

The first lady of Ukraine said that the invaders were lying when they said that the attacks were not aimed at civilians, that the Russians were shooting at those who now want to get out of the trapped buildings, but also the volunteers. Help.

Eventually, Olena Zelenska called on NATO to close the airspace above Ukraine.

Full News of Olena Zhelenska:

“The invaders are killing Ukrainian children. Sensitive and cynical.

Polina from Kiev. He was killed along with his parents and his brother in bombings on the streets of the capital. His sister is in critical condition.

Alice from the Ukrainian city of Odirka. She could not live to be 8 years old. She died in the blast, although her grandfather protected her with his body.

Grill, an 18-month-old boy from Mariupol, was taken to hospital by his father after suffering a full attack. But nothing could be done by the doctors.

Arseni, 14 years old. Part of the projectile hit the boy in the head. He was trapped in the attack and could not be reached by doctors. Arseni bled to death.

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Sofia, 6 years old. Her one-and-a-half-year-old brother, along with her mother and grandparents, were killed in the car. The family tried to leave Nova Kahovka.

I need to talk! More than 38 children have already died in Ukraine. That number may increase when I talk to you! When the Russian Federation says that the invaders did not attack civilians, show these photos!

Show the face of these children who have no chance to grow up. How many more will have to die to force Russian troops to stop firing and allow humanitarian corridors? We now need corridors in the most hit cities in Ukraine!

Hundreds of children there die in the basement without food and medical care. Russian soldiers shot dead families as they tried to leave the buildings. I also kill volunteers who try to help.

I appeal to all honest media in the world! Tell this horrible truth: Russian invaders are killing children. They do it on purpose, they shoot to kill, they make us kneel, they prevent humanitarian aid.

Show them to Russian women – tell them what their sons are doing in Ukraine! Show these photos to Russian women – your husbands, brothers, comrades are killing children like you! You are personally responsible for the death of each Ukrainian child because you give your implicit consent to these crimes.

NATO countries: Close the sky over Ukraine! Save our children so your children do not die tomorrow! ”

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