The Italian Prime Minister reveals a discussion with Putin on March 30: Talking to him is a waste of time

Italian Prime Minister Mario Tragi has said he is beginning to believe that talking to Vladimir Putin is a waste of time. He also warned that the Russian president’s goal is “not to seek peace.”

Mario Draghi said talks with Moscow began to lose hope after the discovery of the Pucha massacre.

He also warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s goal is “not to seek peace.”

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi on Sunday expressed outrage at Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying he was beginning to think it was “a waste of time” to hold talks with his Moscow prime minister over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“When I say, ‘Talking to him is useless, it’s a waste of time,’ I begin to think that those people are right,” Draghi told the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera. Business Insider.

In an interview with the Italian press, Draghi spoke about his phone conversation with Putin on March 30: “On the phone, I told him I was calling to talk about peace. I asked him: ‘When will you meet? With Zhelensky? You can only solve both. He replied, “This is not the time yet. “Ruble gas, not yet introduced at that time”.

Italy is heavily dependent on Russian gas because it imports 95% of the gas it uses, 40% of which comes from Russia.

The Prime Minister said that he and Putin had agreed to talk again in the coming days.

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“Then came Pucha’s horror,” Drake said.

The Italian prime minister has said that French President Emmanuel Macron has the right to try all possible ways to communicate with Putin, but added: “Children and women, it is completely free from the words and telephones it is given.”

“So far, Putin’s goal is not to seek peace, but to destroy the Ukrainian opposition, occupy the country and hand it over to a friendly government,” he added.

Asked if he agrees with President Joe Biden’s statement on the Pucha genocide, he said, “How can Pucha be terrorized if there are no war crimes?” Replied. However, the Italian prime minister said the terms “genocide” and “war crimes” had “clear legal meaning”.

“There will be methods and time to check which words fit best with the inhumane actions of the Russian military,” Draghi said.

In recent weeks, Drake has sought to diversify Italy’s gas imports through deals in Africa.

On April 7, Prime Minister Mario Draghi said that Italy would follow the EU’s decision on new sanctions against Russia, particularly the potential gas embargo, which was “not yet on the table”.

Drake was appointed Prime Minister in February 2021 after his predecessor Giuseppe Conte resigned amid the COVID-19 epidemic and severe economic downturn.

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